Altered Art Recycle Art Workshops

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Altered Art Recycle Art Workshops
at Milliande

"Old turned into New - Funky Art from the Recycle Bin"

Milliande Visionary Art Bus Free Art Education Classes Online

~There are lots of reasons why people choose to create recyled art and altered art with everyday throwaway or old objects

~ Art Recycling is encouraged to lighten the load on mother earths resources

~ Art Recycling fosters creativity .. takes us out of the preconceived ideas of the purpose of a particular object and asks the right hand brain to suspend what it knows and to embrace turning it into something arty new...

~ Art recycling is fun for people on a tight budget

~ Art Recycling tunes your creative spirit into a hunter gatherer ..always with an eye on the lookout for potential Recycle Materials ...

~ Altering objects tocreate art, altering art to create objects -- taking it whichever way you like is great to have some fun art experiments and stretch your creative muscles to the max.....

~ From Driftwood to Old Sweaters, Empty Food Tins to Plastic Bags lets have some Art Recycle Fun

~ Enjoy

Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages Milliande Artist ...Milliande :-)

Altered Art Recycle Art Workshops

Making Art Journal Pages with Milliande

~ Art is such a personal thing and inspiration can be glimpsed in a myriad of ways

~ Here I share with you my personal journey of exploring art viewed through the eye of my soul

~ It may resonate with you and inspire you to try creating art for yourself

~ It may not

~ Either way is perfectly beautiful in its own way

Altered Art Recycle Art Workshops

Altered / Recycled Art Classes
Altered Fabric Art


Milliande Artist Supplies
How to Art Recyle Knitwear ~ Sewing Vintage Lace Handbag

~ recycled art , using a knitted sweater and sewing a vintage lace little smoochy bag

Art Recycle Knitwear - Sewing Vintage Lace Bag Workshop


Altered Tins


Milliande Artist Supplies
The Humble Tin

~ recycled Art, turning old food tins into funky art tins

~ how to apply collage elements, watercolor backgrounds and bring it all together

The Humble Tin Art Class


Altered Art Recycle Art Workshops


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Altered Art Recycle Art Workshops ideas from Old Turned Art

Recycle Art, Altered Art Workshops, Fabric Art turning Old into New

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