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Playing with Rust and Dremels"

Altered Book Gallery

~ Altering Books,.turning the mundane into the sacred , playing with otherwise discarded unloved books and turning them into meaning ful art --thats waht makes my heart sing

~ Having been to a one week art retreat with Michael Demeng ...I am hooked to this beautiful artform that has such a wide scope of possibilities

~ I have heard a lot about Michaels work, purchased his book " The secret of Rusty little Things"

~ still I could not quite imagine how that all would fit in with my style of working ... it seemed so far removed from what I like but I do love a challenge and it felt right when I read the descriptions of the art retreat in Italy off I went ...

~ it takes a leap of faith to travel a long distance hoping to experience a little bit of magic... I was not to be dissappointed at this art retreat ...
you can read a review of the michael demeng art retreat here


Altered Book Gallery
Alchemist Altered Book Impressions

~ I had such an amazing time at the Altered Book Retreat in Italy ..I actually completed 8 projects in the week I was there.. I was on a roll ...

~ This Altered Book " There were Feathers and Lightbulbs" was one of them

~ One other one I have introduced already was the "Altered Book - Love Shrine" for my daughter's 8th birthday

~ you can take a peek at that one here
Altered Books Gallery Love Shrine

.I will be uploading pictures of the other projects too as well as intorducing some of the other artists that wer part of our group and share with you their amazing creations ...

~ So on to have a closer peek at this one ..


Altered Books ala Michael Demeng Style

..there were feathers and lightbulbs  
Altered Book Gallery Milliande
Altered Books Gallery Milliande
Front of Altered Book
~ wrought iron handle
~ metal enclosure with altered charm and resin
~ resin encased flowers
~ altered art lace and zipper edging

Altered Art Gallery Milliande

Altered Book Gallery Milliande
Altered Book Inside
~ altered art light bulb
~ feather enclose with altered art charm antique acrylic glaze
~ my drawing of a female face atrached to an altered art box framed with acetate
~ altered bell ringpull on top

Altered Book Gallery Milliande

Altered Book Gallery Milliande

Altered Book Details
~ altered art charms stacked on top of each other
...glued with E6000 glue onto a wrist watch chain

~ If you are a creative Woman who likes Altered Art and Altered books ..come on over to the Milliande Creativity Club Community of artist women -- yoiu can join the "Altered Artisans " there and play with us


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