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Art Definition Psychic Art


"words are merely labels used to communicate an essence"

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One makes oneself a visionary by a long, immense, and reasoned
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What is Psychic Art ?

Psychic or Shamanic Art is an umbrella that covers different forms of artistic expression that are powerful representation of energy. Most often by creating simply through intention and without a logical plan. It is guided primarily by the subtle psychic sense.

By exploring where the inner world and outer world meet, we can create beyond previous limitation and learn how to step over the line; allowing creativity and inspiration to flow effortlessly from the 'zone'. Even if at first ,we don't even know what we have achieved!

Forms of this Art include Visionary Art, Pre-Cognitive Art, Energy Art, Aura Graphs, Mandala's, Icons, Mask Making, Inspirational Writing, Automatic Writing and Spirit Portraiture

Psychic and Shamanic Art portrays the energy of the subject as well as how it appears physically; the unseen energy around us has so much more potential that anything that can be seen.


Art Definition Psychic Art~ Psychic Art Spiritual art ~Art Definition Psychic Art


"What is Psychic Art:
A form of physical mediumship. The medium's hand is controlled by spirit. The medium needs no artistic skills although it does help to have them.

What is a Physical Medium: These are mediums who produce physical phenomena such as the movement of objects or can cause unexplainable noise. Some physical mediums can also produce ectoplasm; a substance believed to be from the spirit World in which some spirits, but not all, use it to form images of themselves or objects."

according to "check your spiritual pathway"


Art Definition Psychic Art~ Psychic Art Spiritual art ~Art Definition Psychic Art


"My psychic art comprises of what are termed auragraphs. A symbolic representation of a persons aura in a pictorial form.

It is however a side shoot from psychic art in which impressions being perceived by the psychic artist are drawn onto paper, in my case the impressions I receive are in the way of colour and symbolism.

Symbology comes under the remit of the subconscious mind, as our inner self is portrayed fourth in a liturgy of symbols, with no coherent reasoning or direction from the cognitive awareness of self.

Trees – These represent family, emotional issues as with hedgerows.

Bridge – representative of bringing something from the inner self to the outside or vice versa.

Water – This represents hidden depths (as you can’t see under the water) and compassion. The depth and state of the water lends toward the overall meaning. A large volume of water (sea, ocean) suggests a bigger issue, whilst a smaller body of water (river, stream) suggests a more pinpoint meaning

Fence/Gate – this represents a barrier... placement would indicate if it were an emotional or physical barrier "

Ian Doherty of


Art Definition Psychic Art~ Psychic Art Spiritual art ~Art Definition Psychic Art


Psychic art is perhaps one of the lesser known psychics skills, but also one of the most fascinating.

Mediumship has many forms, where as some mediums 'see' spirit people and others hear them etc., some mediums are able to draw them!

Often the medium had no previous artistic talent, and perhaps it is this fact that makes these portraits even more remarkable.

Psychic art is the reproduction of spirit people by drawing, painting, or non-conventional means.

In essence there is room for all the psychic talents, and pictures are yet another way of proving the existence of life after death. A psychic artist is a medium, and just as in clairvoyance or normal mediumship needs to be attuned to the spirit world.

psychic art according to

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Art Definition Psychic Art

"Psychic art is drawing or painting the likeness of someone in the spirit world, either a guide or a loved one, although sometimes a living person is drawn.

There are variations to what is termed 'psychic art', including spiritually inspired art, or art that inspires a spiritual connection."

A Psychic artist is " able to tune-in to your energies and draw the image of someone connected to you. Using clairvoyance and psychic impressions, and with the help of his guide, Stephen allows the image to develop on the paper. He does not know who the person will be when he begins drawing, but as he draws the image unfolds. He will often get information about the guide or loved one at this time. "

Psychic art according to Stephen Cox

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Art Definition Psychic Art

Art Definition Psychic Art~ Psychic Art Spiritual art ~Art Definition Psychic Art

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