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Art Journal Lettering Collaboration


" A-Z Handdrawn Typography "

Milliande Creativity Club

~ I was reading a book called "Handjob" A Catalog of Type and was drawn to the amazing typography presented there

" In this digital age of computer generated graphics and typography it's refreshing to see a small subset of typographers who still believe in working by hand. And as the popularity of hand-drawn type continues to grow it is now time to explore and celebrate the work of those typographers whose every letter is a work of Art." Handjob by Michael Perry

~ I had an idea of a collaboratin with other art journal artist and indeed any kind of collage artist to hand draw an embellished alphabet that can be used in art journals, collage projects and wherever else your fancy takes you

~ I love the idea of combining different peoples typography, lettering styles and aplphabet ephemera to create a beautiful A-Z of type

~ SO lets go and play .....

A-Z Art Journal Lettering Collaboration



A-Z Art Journal Lettering Collaboration
A-Z Art Journal Lettering Collaboration - Letter W by Milliande

A-Z Art Journal Lettering Collaboration
A-Z Art Journal Lettering Collaboration -Little Letter W by Milliande

Art Journal Lettering Art Collaboration

~ Choose a letter that you fancy or a punctuation mark etc and embellish as you like

~ Capital letter is good and if you can do a small letter as well exellent

~ you can enter as many letters as you like

~ images in black and white please saved as a .jpg image

~ images uploaded to the Milliande Creativity Club

the photo album to be uploaded to is called "A-Z Art Journal Lettering"

~ please enter your name with the appropriate letter you created in the Photo name

~ Each entrant has the chance to have their letter featured on the Milliande Website with an opportunity to have a minibio featured and a link back to your website or blog to promote yourself and your art

~ The complete alphabet will be downloadable as an artjournal collage sheet from the Milliande Website

~ sign up for the Milliande Creativity Club newsletter/ezine to be kept update of progress and letters submissions....

~ Have fun Playing


Art Journal Lettering Collaboration



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Art Journal Lettering Collaboration
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