Art Journaling Mixed Media Backgrounds with Nevrdull


Art Journaling
Mixed Media Backgrounds with Nevrdull
Art Journal Mixed Media Collage Style

"creative mixed media art explorations"

  Art Journaling has been a part of my life for a longtime, first keeping a visual diary, then starting various sketchbooks and discovering the joy of collaging , painting and mixed media art - ing into my journal.  

I keep lots of journals at the same time, various sizes, some filed with watercolor paper that can withstand some mixed media art supplie treatments, some moleskine handbag sketchbooks to keep when travelling, some just because I like the feel of the art journal cover and some because I love the way the suare page invites me in to play .

There are not hard and fast rules on how to keep and art journal, traditional techniques include, drawing and sketching, painting and watercoloring and with the latest mixed media craze one stitches, glues and tears to one's hearts conntent


~Art journaling is a way of creating Art on the Go, Art for Art sake in a jounral or diary form that leaves lots of room for creative experimentation. Whether planning Arts and Crafts Projects, keeping a spiritual art journal or simply playing with Zentangle patterns.. art journaling has a lot of scope for creative and imaginative art play.



Art Journaling Mixed Media Backgrounds with Nevrdull


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Mixed Media
Art Journaling
Mixed Media Backgrounds with Nevrdull

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~ I always love discovering new ideas for arts and crafts projects, playing with unusual materials to discover new ways of playing with color, texture and artful composition

~ Art Journals and mixed media sketchbooks allow me to play with my own process, try out different ways of applying old and new found techniques and keeping a visual diary of interesting things my muse dreams up .

~ There are no hard and fast rules..other than letting ones imagination dance on the page of a watercolor journal or find a vintage altered book to give a new lease of life as an inspiration art journaling adventure

~ enjoy
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Art Journaling
Mixed Media Backgrounds with Nevrdull

~ Playing with Old Magazine Pages and Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish

~ I have often played with magazine pages and varying white spirit and alcohol based products and have now managed to trace down a product called Nevr-Dull her ein the UK ..ohh what fun

~ Armed with a stack of good quality magazine and cataloque pages ( those that contain a high chalk content are best like national geographic, selvedge and high end consumer catalogues) and a tin fill of smelly wadding polish I let myself and Maya loose and making some art journal background pages .. take a peek at our play here

Art Journaling Mixed Media Backgrounds with Nevrdull

Art Journaling
Mixed Media Backgrounds with Nevrdull

~ It was fun playing with different magazines, hard texture plates added a brilliant background effect depending on the texture plate used ..

~ Papers after being treated with Nevr-Dull can be painted on with inks, dilute paints and stamps to create beautiful art journal pages

Art Journaling Mixed Media Backgrounds with Nevrdull

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Art Journaling Mixed Media Backgrounds with Nevrdull
Art Journal Tutorial for making background pages

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