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" Paint, Paper, Pencils ..... Journal Supplies "

~ I get a lot of questions as to what I consider basic art journal supplies and what are my personal favourite art journaling supplies ... so here it goes

~ to start art journaling you dont need very many specialised supplies at all.. but somehow they have a way of calling out for you because they "wanna play too"

~ But to start any kind of illustrated journaling or visual journal collage you just need very basic art supplies

Basic Art Journal Supplies

~ a journal
~ pens , pencils, markers
~ glue
~ paint
~ collage materials

My favourite Art Journaling Supplies

~ My knowledge lies with what I use, so here I cam going to introduce my favourite art journaling supplies which I use for illustrated journals as well as other mixed media art project

These are my favourite art journaling supplies, some

golden fluid acrylics
inktense pencils

neocolor artists crayons

pastel pencils
india ink

white gesso

fabriano paper

prismacolor pencils
pitt artist pens
distress inks
moldable foam
my art horse


Blank Journals

~ I would say personal preference plays a big role in how to choose a good blank art journal , and for what purpose you wish to use it ...

~ I have several different journals, one for wetwork ( painting techniques that involve water or watered glue/ gesso etc ) one for dry work ( pen and ink, doodle, drawing sketching etc )

~ I have a travel notebook, and journals for specific themes :-)

~ As for paper ---wetwork requires a good quality paper if you dont want it to buckle too much, so a heavy grade paper, or watercolor paper... or if you recycle ..then cardboard from cereal packets , etc works well ..

~ Watercolour paper is good for wet in wet brush work ... as the porous nature of the watercolour paper allows the paint to flow

~ For Collage Art Journals ...anything goes really ... you can even use a old book and recycle it ..creating an altered art journal ..painting the pages with gesso first to create an art journal

~ I love using art journals were the pages lie flat ... so I can get a good access to both sides



~ a type of base cover medium

~ check out my page on gesso and a video on how I use it for mixing and blending with watercolor crayons

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