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" Visionary Women Inspiring the World with Art From the Heart "

Art from the Heart viewed through the eyes of the Soul

Milliande Visionary Art Bus travels the Universe to visit Visionary Women that inspire the world with their unique art expressions...

...seeking visionary art that is viewed through the eye of the soul, emotional art expressions from the heart, women artists who are exploring their own inner state of being and are creating artworks that make the invisible realm visible.

Milliandes Art Bus stops and takes a closer look when a Spark flies and a connection is made with an artwork

At Milliande's Visionary Artist Junction Artist you will find Women Artists that have been stumbled upon and found to cause a spark ..... making us stop to take a closer peek ...

Look out for the WHY ?

Milliande's Visionary Art Bus Did Stop here because it sparked ...
words that followed the spark are ...........

to see why it sparked and what can be taken away from that visit ...


Artist Achievement Award


~ Women who receive an Art Spark Award at Milliande can display this little Art Spark icon on their Websites, Blogs etc to honor their achievement ( a link to the Award Holders page will be emailed where icons, certificates and labels can be downloaded )

~ These inspiring Women artists will also be featured at and introduced with their current artwork and a link to their Artist Page

~ Art Spark Award Holders will also be able to download an Artist Certificate for the Issue of their Art Achievement Award

~ The Milliande ART SPARK AWARD honors Visionary Women who Inspire the World through Art from the Heart

Art Spark Artist Award at Milliand

Art Spark Artist Award for Women

Art Spark Artist Award for Women

My favourite Creativity Quote

"My words are Valuable, My Experiences are Unique,
When others Share I learn ~ When I share Others Learn ~ Go Create !"

so take a peek at the women artists who have received the Art Spark you might even get inspired to share yourself so that your expertise might inspire another ...




Milliande Visionary Arts Bus
Hop off for : Art Spark Artist Award for Women

Next Stop : Milliande Visionary Artist Junction

Art from the Heart , Intuitive Art,Modern Art Mixed Media Art Achievement Awards
Visionary Women inspiring the World

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