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Artist Journal Supplies Gesso



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My favourite Art Journaling Supplies

~ Gesso

~Gesso is an opague medium which primes and covers almost any surface so that it can be collaged and altered.

~ Gesso prevents paint from soaking through to your art surface ( art journal paper pages, canvas, assemblage object etc)

~ If you have a glossy surface like an art journal cover it will provide a matte coat for you to work on once you painted it on.

~ Gesso is a mixture of glue and either chalk or plaster of paris applied as a ground or coating to surfaces in order to give them the correct properties to receive paint.

~ Gesso can also be built up or molded into relief designs, or carved.

~ Gesso adds stability to art journal pages when they are heavily collaged, ideal as a base ground

~ I use it to cover collaged text and magazine cutouts that I have glued on as a background and now want to paint or journal over it

~ I also use gesso in combination with my watercolor crayons, rather than thinning them out with just water I used watered down gesso which gives the watercolor a chalky appearance , almost like a light acrylic which I like

~ Take a peek at the video to see what kind of pastel effect you get when blending watercolor crayons and watercolor pencils with gesso

Art Journal Supplies - Gesso


Basic Applications for Gesso and Gel Medium and Whote Acrylic Paint in Art Journaling and Mixed Media Collage

~ Art Journal Supplies
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What is the difference between Gesso and Acrylic Paint ?

~ Gesso has a different texture from acrylic paint, it is thinner and when applied leaves a little bit of a bite .. ie a surface that other materials can stick to

~ I find white acrylic is not as easily blendable, dries faster leaving less time to manipulate it . It also is quite dominant whilst gesso blends more into the background for me

~ I use Goldens heavy body white acrylic when I want to completely cover something up in my art journal in small delicate spaces ( like eyes etc)

~ Both Acrylic and Gesso have their place in my artwork for different applications

Can Gesso be mixed with other Colors ?

~ gesso can be mixed with acrylic paints, you will get a sort of pastelly shad of the color added as it has quite a chalky consistency

~ I like using Golden liquid acrylics as they have a lovely color intensity in their pigment but also dont alter the fluidity of the gesso too much

~ When adding acrylic paint you will get a more thicker consitency of the paint

~ You can also add concentrated watercolors like Dr PH MArtins Watercolors or colored inks

~ colored pigments can be added to gesso as well like twinkling H2o's, Pearl Ex Powders for a shimmering effect

~ Gesso lends itself well to experimenting with different additives

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