Beeswax Collage Mixed Media Mermaid

Beeswax Collage Mixed Media Mermaid


"Mixed Media Art with Beeswax Collage"

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~ Here I tried to fil the steps I take to complete a beeswax collage- a mixed media mermaid

~ Starting with Baselayers of Cotton Quilting Fabric adhered with Golden Gel Medium, added background papers and layers upon layers follow

~ I like experimenting with different textures and loved the fibres and beads for the mermaid hair

~ beeswax collage finishes the whole mixed media painting off with a layer of warm beesway which seal all collage items together and provides a soft film on top ot the collage

~ beeswax needs to be warmed up ( i used a melting pot, but a doubleboiler will work fine too )

~ Enjoy

...Milliande :-)

Beeswax Collage Mixed Media Mermaid

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~ Art is such a personal thing and inspiration can be glimpsed in a myriad of ways

~ Here I share with you my personal journey of exploring art viewed through the eye of my soul

~ It may resonate with you and inspire you to try creating art for yourself

~ It may not

~ Either way is perfectly beautiful in its own way


Milliande Artist Supplies Beeswax Collage - Mixed Media Mermaid

Art Supplies used:

- background collage sheet :

complimentary download here

~ cotton quilting fabrics
~ golden gel medium
~ neocolor watercolor crayons
~ faber castell watercolor pencils
~ letter rubberstamps clear self adhesive
~ jewellery findings, silver chain, beads
~ semiprecious beads and crystals ( I used aquamarine and smokey quartz for the mermaid necklace)

Part 1


Part 2



Part 3

Beeswax Collage Mixed Media Painting

You can take a peek at a close up of the painting here
beeswax Collage Mermaid Art

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Beeswax collage and mixed media collage

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