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Creative Womens Community

Art Journal Prompt

" Art Journaling from the Heart and Soul"


~ This is an invitation to look deep into your heart and let it guide you towards visual images that symbolize your feelings, emotions, hopes and needs of being part of a community of creative women

~ Take some quiet time out, prepare a sacred space by lighting a candle and setting the intention to let your emotions and feelings rather than your mind guide this creative process

~ Open your heart and ask yourself some questions ....

What does the idea of a Women's Community make me feel like ?

What visual images do I associate with a vibrant creative women's community ?

How do I visualize myself within the community ?

Why does my heart sing when I see myself as a part of a womens community ?

~ Take your Art Journal and Express your Feelings
Creative Womens Community Art Journal Prompt

~Dont think about where to place images, what colors to choose or how to neatly arrange them ..simply let yourself be free, let the analytical half of your brain ( the left side) take a well earned rest and let the creative side play ...simply play

~ Tell the left brain that it will get its turn to do the third art journal page ...ask it to step aside and let the right brain have some "Pouring Out Time "


Create a First Page in Visual Images

choose which tools feel right to answer the above questions rather than think about it

~ tear out magazine images and collage

~ search the internet for images that fit your personal vision

~ use photos and art pieces to illustrate the place where your heart connects

~ draw , doodle, scribble, stipple, paint and trace images and symbols that make you feel warm, tingly and connected to the idea of a women's community

Create a Second Page using the Written Word
choose which tools feel right to answer the above questions rather than think about it


~ use poetry to express what community means to you and write it in a circle representing a circle of women

~ use a rhyming wave of words to sing out your feelings

~ use single words illustrated with embellishments

~ scribble a page full of doodle words that spring to mind when your visualize yourself dancing , playing and making art with other creative women

~ print or tear out letters and words and create a lettering collage representing your emotional associations with being part of a community ..

Create a Third Page after contemplating the first 2 Pages
Creative Womens Community Art Journal Prompt

~ take some time to sit with the first 2 pages and really listen to the stories they have to tell

~ listen for the longings, the needs, the wants and search for the authentic self that lives in your illustrated pages

See a picture of your very own perfect "Creative Women's Community" emerging

~ Choose consciously and with intention those images and words that best represent your authentic connection and create a third page visualizing your Intention ( you might need to scan some images again, or photocopy them or use similiar images )

~ Open your heart once again and express on the art journal page ....

This is me , how I see myself in a Creative Women's Community !

This is what I would like to contribute to a Vibrant Women's Community !

This is how I would like to feel,dancing, playing , sharing and making art with creative women !

RSVP :-)
Creative Womens Community Art Journal Prompt

~ If you like to share your Creative Outpourings then you are very welcome to join the Milliande Creativity Club for Women Community

Art Journaling Resources

Enjoy the process..

... Milliande


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