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Milliande Visionary Art Bus Explores Scanner Magic

~I have tried a lot of things and was really exited when I glimpsed the possibilities of Scanner Art

~ Always on the lookout for new creativity help guides online I came across some fascinating scanner artists and their work was simply breathtaking

~ Being a keen photographer and having dabbled with macro photography my curiosity was piqued

~ How did they
achieve such beautiful close up photography images of such tricky subjects?

~ Little did I know how relatively easy it is to create beautiful macrophotography art with no camera photography ... yes no camera is used but instead a flatbed scanner technique ..

HOP OFF for Scanner Magic MacroPhotography Art at Milliandes Visionary Art Bus, No Camera Photography for Close UP Macro Photography Art,Flatbed Scanner Magic

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Creativity Help Guides Online Scanner Art

What is Scanner Art ?

~ Scanner Art or sometimes affectionately known as scanner magic

~ The technical term for scanner art is scanography or no-camera photography

~ it is a digital artform that utilises photo scanners and image scanners to create work of art

~ it is a type of macro photography art , allowing for very beautiful macro close ups of your chosen subject

~ Placements and arrangement of your macroart subjects can be either random for a surprise abstract art effect or carefully choreographed for the closest representation of your creative art idea

~ Unlike taking a macro photo with a traditional camera, this form of macrophotography utilises a flatbed scanner which captures an image by slowly moving both the light and the lens across the chosen art subject

~ it allows for different kind of in one elongated time exposure

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Creativity Help Guides Online Scanner Art

Example from Milliande VAB Scanner Art Class  Scanner Magic

Example from Milliande VAB Scanner Art Class

"A Little White Feather"


How to Create your Own Scanner Art

HOP on to our Free Art Class Online introducing Scanner Art Techniques

~ if you are interested in creating your ownno camera macrophotography art take a peek at my mini art videos to show you how I do it

Milliande Free Online Art Classes SCANNER ART Part 1

Milliande Free Online Art Classes SCANNER ART Part 2

Milliande Scanner Art Gallery

~ here are some Examples from my Free Art Class Online SCANNER ART

Milliandes Scanner Art Gallery

~ you can also take a peek at some amazing professional scanner artists artwork

~ I love looking at other peoples artwork and promoting visionary women that express themselves through their art

~ these scanner artists really left an impression with me ~ take a peek

Scanner Artist Christa Kreeger Bowden

Scanner Artist Doris Mitsch

Is Scanner Art Photography Art ?

A question raised as to whether scanner art is macrophotography art or not a photograph at all

is scanner art photography art debate


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