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Creativity Myths


"Creativity theory - Define Creativity"

Milliande Visionary Art Bus on Creativity Theories

So you think you are not Creative ? What does it mean to Create ?

Definitions of Creativity
Creativity Theory - Creativity Myths- Theory of Creativity

to create:

~ is to cause something to exist
~ is to bring something into being

~ is to originate
~ to bring about
~ to produce
~ to author
~ to compose
~ to conceive
~ to parent
~ to form
~ togive rise to
~ to throw together.

to be creative:
~ to be ground breaking
~ to be innovative
~ to originate
~ handmade
~ to generate
~ to be expressive
~ to be imaginative
~ to be original

Creativity is to see all the "building blocks" that everybody else is seeing but to think of a unique way of applying those "building blocks" for innovative creative ideas and solutions

Creativity "Building Blocks"
Creativity Myths

~ the same letters but creative writing ideas
~ the same musical notes but creative compositions
~ the same set of paints but innovative ways of applying them
~ the same cooking ingredients but a tasty food combination
~ the same piece of steel but an architectual masterpiece
~ the same seeds but a stunning garden display
~ the same thoughts but innovative solutions

~ Creativity is the Art of combining previously uncombined "building blocks"

So What are some Common Creativity Myths ?

Creativity Theory~ Creativity Myths

Creative Myths 1

~ Only people who are creative can paint, make music , draw .... etc

Creative Myths 2

~ If only I would be having lots of Money I could be creative

Creative Myths 3

~ If only had the right tools, environment, upbringing,opportunities .... I could be creative

According to Access Arts ...Theories of Creativity

" Every living, breathing human being has the potential to be creative. Each of us is a unique individual capable of comes with the human territory. We are, simply, quite a creative species. "

"Creative people seem to be able to tune in more to their thought patterns and glean great ideas. People who do not use their creative potential don't know how to do this or aren't even aware it is possible."

And this is where the differerence lies
Theories of Creativity

Milliande on the 6 Creativity myths
~ Everybody has the potential to be creative but not everybody chooses to or knows how to tune into that creativity potential.

~ There are lots of ways to tune into your creativity for finding expressions in your chosen field , some of my favourite creativity enhancing tools are ...

~ Visualization Techniques and Meditation are unique tool for focusing the mind on creative ideas

~ Visual Journaling is another method for keeping a record of thoughs, random ideas and colourful puzzlepieces that may prove to be solutions and inspiration for your project

~ Learning and Sharing Knowledge by participating in Creativity Clubs that specialise in your chosen subject

~ Using a Theasaurus for researching words that may lead me onto another pathway of thinking

~ Stopping and Doing something completly unrelated , to free my mind of the strain of thinking too hard ...

~ Doodling while phoning someone , as I talk often my left brain is occupied withthe conversation and my right brain is free to doodle creatively , often coming up with unique ideas

~ Using Creativity Crystals to enhance enery fields for my chosen project

A Study on " The 6 Myths of Creativity " showed some interesting results that had me suprised but in retrospect not at all as I was able to identify my own patterns
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