Creativity Prompts August 2008

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Creativity Prompts August 2008
Milliande Creativity Club

" Words and Images of Inner Wisdom "

Milliande Creativity Club

~ here you will find a selection of art prompts, creativity prompts and imagery prompts that were posted at the Milliande Creativity Club

~ I will try and add all the prompts from the various month that they are posted in for easy reference .. this will make it a nice little resource that can be accessed and revisited anytime you are looking for a little creative inspiration

~ If you are a member of the creativity club then please feel free to share your art journal pages and art works related to the prompts in the Photo Album section for Creativity Prompts so we can all take a peek :-)

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August 2008
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Art Journal Prompt
Creativity Prompts August 2008

"Was ME ~ Is ME ~ Will Be ME"

materials needed:

~ a sketchbook, art journal or just some blank pieces of paper ( you will need 3 blank pages)
~ selection of old magazines, newspapers or photos of yourself
~ selection of pens, paints, glues suitable for paper art journaling

To begin:

~ Lay out all your materials around you so that everything is at hand ..
the magazines so far are uncut -- ie do not cut images beforehand

~ Take a moment to breathe deeply, making sure your space remains uninterrupted for a while and enter into your intention

The Intention:

Who am I ? .....

~ I am the sum of all my experiences ..those gone by ... those felt now...and those yet to come ...

I intend to visually explore Past, Present and Future Aspects of Yourself

~ Set your intention and then breathe slowly for a couple of minutes


~ I am ME .... I was Me .... I am ME ... I will be ME

What was I like during this past year ?
What am I like now
What would I like to be in the coming year


~ Close your eyes for a moment ,
and start to visualise yourself in your minds eye. Return to the past year, see yourself walking through it like a witness, arrive in the present , take a look at yourself and the changes that have occured, then enter the path in front of you and keep your eyes firnly on the things you would like to see changed in you in the coming year ...

~ Slowly open your eyes, then grab the magazines you prepares..

~ Staying in the feeling of contemplation , let your eyes gaze over the images in the magazine

~ Feel your way into the imagery that arises when you contemplate , leave the mind outside for a little while and let your imagination guide you to the images that most represent YOU at these phases of your life ...

~ rip out the images ~( do not cut as this will take you out of the contemplative mind) and pile them on your table

~ When you feel complete .. grab your art journal pages and glue your images on 3 seperate pages --- one for the " This was ME" .... one for " This is ME" and leave this one for last .. " This Will be ME"

~ Try to "not think" at this point about the relevance of the images, try not to analyse yet ...simply let yourself be guided to images that resonate, that draw you in, that hold your attention of only for a second ... leave the thinking as to "Why" for later ...just now ...let the visual images do the "Talking" for you

~ If you feel like it let pens and coloured paints add more details to these Images of you until you feel your pages are "done"


~ After you have created your images ---close your art journal for a while and take a walk, or a break .. the temptation is there to go "analyse" but it is amazing what a little moment to step aside from the creation can do the deepen your awareness later

~ Try not to "Think" about this prompt before you start, ie what images might suit, what the perfect photo would be etc .... simply enter a quiet mind of contemplation ... and from that space of quiet knowing .... let yourself be "found" by the images rather than go searching for them

If you feel like sharing your art journal pages , I will open an art journal prompt gallery space at the Milliande Creativity Club Gallery called " "Was ME ~ Is ME ~ Will Be ME"


Collaborative Pattern Hunt

Collaborative Pattern Hunt


The Pattern Hunt Brief

~ Patterns and Art and Design Element Hunt - make your environment work for you -open your eyes to "SEE" -- then share

~Collaborative Pattern Hunt Milliande Creativity Club
~ Download Template for the Pattern Hunt Here

Samples on how to Apply Found Patterns to your Artwork

Art Journal Prompt
Creativity Prompts August 2008

" The Naked Page "


Do you plan --- Do you go with the Flow ... ???

The empty page beckons you to make a decision ....


~ The Journal Page arrived naked at your doorstep ...

~ It had nothing to loose ... and everything to gain ...

~ Make Love to the naked page

~ Greet its bareness by opening yourself up to it

~ Take the first pen that you lay your eyes on and introduce it to your
union ... just you ...the page..and the pen...

~ Slowly move the pen over the page--- caressing the page one small dot, one
soft line at a time ...

~ Close your eyes... and let the pen do the walking .....and let the page
receive... simply receive .....

~ Let go ... let it flow .....

~ There is no-one watching .....

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