Creativity Prompts July 2008

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Creativity Prompts July 2008
Milliande Creativity Club

" Words and Images of Inner Wisdom "

Milliande Creativity Club

~ here you will find a selection of art prompts, creativity prompts and imagery prompts that were posted at the Milliande Creativity Club

~ I will try and add all the prompts from the various month that they are posted in for easy reference .. this will make it a nice little resource that can be accessed and revisited anytime you are looking for a little creative inspiration

~ If you are a member of the creativity club then please feel free to share your art journal pages and art works related to the prompts in the Photo Album section for Creativity Prompts so we can all take a peek :-)

~ If you are a woman who likes to express herself creatively and you would like to join us in some arty fun then please feel free to check us out here
Milliande Creativity Club yahoo group


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July 2008
Creativity Prompts July 2008
The Honey Bee as a Symbol for ...

Art Journaling Prompt

The Honey Bee as a Symbol for ...

The Honey Bee - as a Symbol for Community

~ I am playing with some ideas surrounding artwork that features our
symbolic relationship with the Honey Bee

Art Journaling Prompt ..

How would you finish this sentence ....

"I see the Honey Bee as a Symbol for .......... because ......


Create an art journal page that features the Honey Bee and how you see it as
a symbol for ..... in your personal life .

Please add your photos of your art journal page to the gallery or give a
link to your blog so we can take a peek :-)


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" Art Outside the Box"
Creativity Prompts July 2008

What does it take to make your wings fly?

~ Take an old newspaper and cut yourself 2 lifesize wings out of it ..

~ paint over with gesso, or acrylics, or crayons or collage random coloured papers
until your wings represent your personal beautiful rainbow of possibilities

~ Take some elastic bands or rubber bands or a bit of string or leftover wool and tie the wingws to your back

~ Stand on top of a chair or an old stump of wood in your garden or in secret on top of your toilet seat or on your trampoline or stretch your toes on the ledge of your wheelchair or imagine yourself on top of your favourite mountain and

with a wide open Heart DECLARE to the Universe

I am ready to fly >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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