Creativity Prompts June 2008

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Creativity Prompts June 2008
Milliande Creativity Club

" Words and Images of Inner Wisdom "

Milliande Creativity Club

~ here you will find a selection of art prompts, creativity prompts and imagery prompts that were posted at the Milliande Creativity Club

~ I will try and add all the prompts from the various month that they are posted in for easy reference .. this will make it a nice little resource that can be accessed and revisited anytime you are looking for a little creative inspiration

~ If you are a member of the creativity club then please feel free to share your art journal pages and art works related to the prompts in the Photo Album section for Creativity Prompts so we can all take a peek :-)

~ If you are a woman who likes to express herself creatively and you would like to join us in some arty fun then please feel free to check us out here
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June 2008
Creativity Prompts June 2008
"My House is Me"

Art Prompt " My House is Me"
inspired by Martha Rose and Teri

The Big Orange Splot by Daniel Pinkwater

"One day a seagull with a can of bright orange
paint "dropped the can (no one knows why) right over Mr. Plumbean's house." The resulting big orange splot upsets the neighbors, who all live in identical brown housed with gray roofs and green shutters. When they
ask him to paint his house (to get rid of the orange splot), Plumbean
follows the letter--but not the spirit=-of their request. He paints the house red, yellow, green, and purple. He adds more splots, strikes, and
"elephants and lions and pretty girls and steam shovels." The neighbors
are aghast. In a recurring motif, the neighbors exclaim that something
must be wrong with their neighbor: "Plumbean has gushed his mush, lost
his marbles, and slipped his hawser." Mr. Plumbean resists their
pressure, explaining in one of many memorable lines from the book: "My
house is me and I am it. My house...looks like all my dreams." One by
one, over tall glasses of lemonade, Mr. Plumbean casually talks to the
other neighbors, one by one, about their own dreams. The following day,
each neighbor expresses those dreams through his or her house.

Art Prompt " My House is Me"

~ Create an Imaginary House ... paint, doodle, splot colours, sculpt, quilt
digitize ,journal... anyway you choose ..

~create " A House that Shows the Playful Essence that is YOU "..

" Art Outside the Box"
Creativity Prompts June 2008

Art Prompt " Art Outside the Box"

Art Outside the Box - a Prompt to Doodle ...

Your Surface : The Bathroom Mirror

Your Palette : A lipstick, an eyeliner pen, shaving cream, hair wax
...whatever is in the bathroom already ...surprise me !!!

Your Topic : Your Reflection --- take a look at what you see ... in the
mirror and doodle on top of it...

Be Free - Be Giggly - Be Crazy -- and Doodle your heart out

"Who was the first"
Pondering Prompt

Pondering Prompt " Who was the First "

Do you remember ...

Who was the first person ever to say "something horrible" about your artwork?

What were you making when they did ?

How do you feel about it today ?

"Art Criticism"
Pondering Prompt

Pondering Prompt " Art Criticism"

What interest me most about " Who was the first " ( see above) is not so much the blame -- like "he should not have done that", or "these teachers are xyz..., "people whocritized are "wrong ...crazy" etc ..

What I am interested in within this topic is where their critizism stems
from, where it originated and arose in those people who chose to critizise
you . ... to look at what might have made them say this in the first

~ and in turn look at my own "judgements" when they arise ... and
investigate where they stem from ...

So the invitation is this ...

Pondering Prompt

~ put yourself in the shoes of the person who
first judged you

~ find a situation where you judged another persons art , whether aloud, or silently, whether spoken or thought

~ then ask yourself

Where did my judgement originate from ?

Who laid down the outlines of my perceived "right or wrong" art in the first

How do I feel judging this persons work now ?

Creativity Prompts June 2008

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