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Creativity Prompts
Milliande Creativity Club May 2008

" Words and Images of Inner Wisdom "

Milliande Creativity Club

~ here you will find a selection of art prompts, creativity prompts and imagery prompts that were posted at the Milliande Creativity Club

~ I will try and add all the prompts from the various month that they are posted in for easy reference .. this will make it a nice little resource that can be accessed and revisited anytime you are looking for a little creative inspiration

~ If you are a member of the creativity club then please feel free to share your art journal pages and art works related to the prompts in the Photo Album section for Creativity Prompts so we can all take a peek :-)

~ If you are a woman who likes to express herself creatively and you would like to join us in some arty fun then please feel free to check us out here
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Art Prompts- Creativity Prompts - Imagery Prompts
May 2008
Creativity Prompts Milliande Creativity CLub May 2008
" Spiral Prompt"
Art Prompt

An Invitation to Play ..

A Freeform Spiral - Art Prompt

...the spiral is seen as a universal symbol for growth, movement, and change

What does the symbol of a Spiral mean to you ?

Paint, Collage, Doodle, Sculpt, Quilt, Journal, Digitize ...

~a spiral that originates from deep within your heart center and spirals out
into your immeditate world surrounding you ...

~show how it reaches out and effects those that are going to be touched by

Before you begin yourself , feel yourself connected to your sacred
heart space then state your intention ...

" I am creating a spiral ... a representation of my willingness to joyfully
embrace movement, change and personal growth ...

There is no "Right or Wrong or Best or Perfect or most beautiful" way to do
this ..there is only the "Way of your Heart"



Creativity Prompts Milliande Creativity CLub May 2008
" Gratitude Prompt"

Gratitude Art Prompt

The day has started ... a new day fresh in its polished shoes ready to shine
with every step taken ...

Today I am grateful for .....

Take a minute to reflect and really see what it it that you are grateful for
today ... name one thing ... and focus on one thing only ....

then take your art journal and honor that "one thing"

... feel it , feel what color it may represent, feel the emotion attached to
it and see what that emotion may look like ...

Paint the feelings associated with "The One Thing I am grateful for today"
, doodle , scribble, write words or poetry, take a photo then print it out
and adhere it in your journal ..

Find creative Ways to represents your feeling..


I have also made a video about the process-- Art Journal the Gratitiude

Working with Prompts is a great way to kickstart a little bit of creativity
.. I was sitting in the morning at my computer, typing the prompt for all of
you when I noticed the steady tickle of my new fountain .

There is something amazing about moving water, the constant circle of flow,
that carries me with its sound .. I realised that I respond to sound, to the
constant reminding that a repetitive sound offers me as a gift .. a focus to

Take a peek at the video if you like :-)

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Creativity Prompts Milliande Creativity CLub May 2008
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