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Definition of Creativity


" Big Word .., C R E A T I V I T Y ... "

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Creativity Definition - How to Define Creativity
Definition of Creativity

~ The simple act of being creative is a natural instinctual desire that stems from our original blueprint

~ Our Right Brain accesses that original blueprint enabling direct connection with Source energy

~ In modern days the emphasis is on superior access to the left brain hemisphere, the logical rational mind

~ The Left brains analytical responds overides the right brains creative approach and we are left proclaiming ! Oh I cant possible do that .." , That being creative , picking up a brush and bursting with joyful creativity expressions, picking up a pen and letting creative ideas flow , strumming a guitar to let creative music emerge from the unconscious ...

Creativity Defined even further .....
Definition of Creativity

~ We are creating what we focus on ... The Law of Attraction ~ when one realizes that you can create anything you want any time you want by simply focusing on the fact that you can ...and not letting left brain thoughts of denial override the inital right brain creativity burst ....

~ Creativity is an altered state of awareness, entering a space that is out of this time, where one taps into a much larger universal consciousness to bring back beautiful treasure ....

~ Ever had the feeling that "time flies" when you are creating art ? Every " lost a couple of hours " when completly absorbed in a creative pursuit ?

Creativity Defined even further .....
Definition of Creativity

~ When we are completely focussed on an artwork , a music project or any other creativity outlet we surrender to the universal energy , our work flows seemingly on its own accord , the left-brain ego stops controlling the creative output and every creative brushstroke, creative writing idea or creative anything at all flows seemlessly into the next ...

Definition of Creativity Visionary Women Inspiring The World Milliande Creativity Definition
Definition of Creativity

~ For me creativity is an inner commitment to personal transformation.

~ Tapping into my own unconsious and into the wider cosmic collective consciousness is a key to true creativity ideas

~ The question of originality however remains ... if we are coming up with original creative ideas, whether these are creative writing ideas, creative art ideas or being a creative musician ...

~ ... if we are tapping into something that is larger than ourselves, an intuitive guide of unknown , undefinable origin... then are we truly original or are we simply just one , one Consciousness, One Oneness expressing itself in a myriad of beautifully creative outlets ...

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