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Doodle Daily Life

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Doodle Sketching Prompts

"creative drawing and sketching explorations"




Doodle Daily Life


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"Doodle Daily Life"

Artplay with Milliande

~ These Sketching Prompts are designed to jumpstart a love for sketching and recording doodles of daily life

~ The are warm up and loosening up prompts for our creative muse

Doodle Daily Life Guidelines:

Doodle Daily Life with Milliande Art Play
*** Spend no more than 15 minutes on each doodle
*** Use any art material
*** Start with Doodle 1 photo prompt
*** Do Doodle 2 - find the object in your environment and sketch it
*** SHARE your Doodles in the Doodle Daily Life Gallery
*** If you like to play Upload the above Logo to your blog /website and link to

Doodle Daily Life Guidelines explained :

*** Spend no more than 15 minutes on each doodle

- the idea is to capture an essence, the general feel of an image, a fleeting glanced without getting stuck in detail .. ( more intricate art images can be created at a later date if desired... for this prompt we would like to experiments with quick capture sketching, doodling and painting ideas)

*** Use any drawing art material

- choose any drawing material you are comfortable with like sketching pencils, coloured crayons, watercolours, marker pens, or pen and ink etc

*** Start with Doodle 1 -
sketch the photo prompt

~ the idea being that we all do THE SAME image --- it will serve as a great reference in the art gallery as to how different people approach the same prompt , what angles get highlighted, what details are captured and emphasized... this is an opportunity to learn and play with different techniques

- find the object in your environment

if possible find the prompt item in YOUR environment /neigbourhood and doodle that ... if you do not have a particular item in your area ..simply skip to the next daily doodle :-) there is no need to complete all of them ...just those that resonate with you

*** SHARE your Doodles

*** if you are a member of the milliande art community for women you can share your images in our subgroup Doodle Daily Life Gallery ( you have to be a woman to join :-)


*** if you are not a member but would like to play,or just view the entries to get inspired you can upload your images to the Doodle Daily Life FLICKR Group

~ this sharing art gallery is NEVER going to be judged, this is a place for learning, for exploring and marvelling at our similarities and getting inspired by our differences

~Our Doodle Daily Life Gallery is for feeling comfortable with all kinds of art pieces that capture life's wonderful variety of STUFF ..
a container where each and every scribble is welcome simple for its beingness... nothing more nothing less .

~ there is no need to feel you are "not good enough" etc ... I am always amazed how even a simple doodle may spark off an idea for someone else, how the most painterly approach inspires a pen and ink sketch in a different women and how sharing helps us grow inside into who we are .. seen and unseen ...

~ looking forward to seeing you artworks at the galleries

~ enjoy

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Art Journal Sketching Prompts

Doodle Daily Life

Doodle Daily Life PROMPTS

~ All Artist Reference Photos can be enlarged by clicking on the image which will open a high resolution image in a new browser window for you to print

Doodle Daily Life Prompt 1-24

Doodle Daily Life Prompt 25- 50

Doodle Daily Life Prompt 51- 100

Doodle Daily Life Prompt 100 -124

Doodle Daily Life

What is Doodle Sketching

for our purpose of sketching and doodling in Art Journals or keeping a Daily Life and Nature Sketchbook

~ Doodle Sketching is drawing, painting and doodling vaguely or roughly in loose lines that which is observed in daily life

~ Sketching is often used as a warm-up for drawing or painting.

~ Doodle sketching allows for the freedom of artistic expression, adding a twirl or a flourish here or there to life observed

~ Use the Photo Promot as a starting point to Doodle, Draw or sketch an image based on the photo as inspiration

~ you can take a peek at how others approached the same subject in our Doodle Daily Life Art gallery

~ The idea is to work with a common subject matter and learn how others approach the same techniques ..possibly with dirrerent art techniques, different art styles but the same image as a common ground

~ The limit of 15 minutes encourages people to let go of expectations, to let go of too much detail but engage the flow of the line, the first impression the essence of an image


How to Sketch ?

1. choose a sketching tool you are comfortable with .. this can be a sketching pencil, marker pens, inkpens and nib , watercolor brushes

2) choose a size art journal that fits easily in your purse, handbag or pocket so that you can access it for quick sketches, choose a paper that fits your chosen sketching tool ( eg watercolour paper for wet pens/ brushes etc)


Tips for Sketching from Life


~ You may want to try different angles of the same object

~ you may want to try drawing the same object with different pens to

~you may want to draw the same object from a photo and from real life to compare

~ you may want to set a timelimit of say 5 min sketches to increase the fluidity of your artwork



Doodle Daily Life Art Journal Sketching Prompts
Mixed Media Art Explorations with
Milliande Printables for Mixed Media Art

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