Female Figure Drawing Studies 1

Female Figure Drawing Studies 1, Learning how to Draw the Female Figure Process


Female Figure Drawing Studies 1
How to Draw the Female Figure

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Learning how to draw the human figure has long been of interest tme but up until now I have never really had the patience to commit to detailed observational studies ... so this year I am hoping to learn , play and have fun with female figure drawing studies

Starting off with some lifedrawing classes I have found locally , so I will try and share my process as I go through a 6 weeks lifedrawing course to see how I can improve my figure drawing

There are several types of figure drawing styles .. some artist and indeed art teachers prefer a loose line that looks for suggestive figurative shapes rather than complate images

Some others prefer a tradditional approach of rendering the human figure as close to life like recognition as possible ..each style warrants its own area of exploration


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Female Figure Drawing
Studies 1

Well I have finally taken the plunge and attended my first ever life drawing class

~ I have not been much into realistic art or indeed figurative art before, having started to draw faces last year I am hoping that this year I will get a chance to learn how to draw the human figure

~ I have read quite a few books on the subject which have helped understand some of the methods like contour drawing, and blind contour drawings as well as approaches to persepctive and foreshortening..but i have never really drawn a human figure from life before.. so here a little peek at how I get on with my prpcess of learning how to draw the human figure

~ enjoy
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Figure Drawing Classes
Life Drawing Classes and Figure Drawing Workshops

female figure drawing studies reclining pose 1

Female Figure Drawing Studies 1

Blind Contour Drawing

~ a blind contour drawing is literally that ... to draw the outline of the female model without looking at the easel or the paper that I draw on ..

~ So my eye follows the line of the aritsts model .. and my hand is poised at the easel as I draw ..but I cannot look at the paper

~ This is to focus my observational skill, to let loose and trust my hand eye coordination ..easier said then done... but an interesting experiment

~ here I took several tries with different art supplies on top of each other .. drawing with charcoal, crayon, pencil and watercolor crayon on a different color overlayed on top of each other

female figure drawing studies seated pose

Female Figure Drawing Studies 1

Female Figure Drawing Poses Model Seated

~ In this figure drawing pose, the model is sitting on the table with her legs tucked underneat her, one foot underneath the other and the hands extented toward her feet

~ After the warm up with the blind contour drawings this was the first figure drawing I attempted.. with the pose being held approx 20 minutes...

~ having watched quite a few figure drawing videos and learned from some life drawing books the basics... in real life I found myself suddenly looking at these shapes in front of me forgetting that ther was actually a " human " sitting there..it is a funny feeling braking it down into bits , angles , lines and forms ... but I loved the full attention it demanded from me ... kind of like focussing my mind intensely on observation


female figure drawing studies milliande 1


Female Figure Drawing Studies 1

Female Figure Drawing Poses
Model Reclining

~ in this pose the model held her position for about 20 minutes

~ she was reclining laying down, with me and my easel being situated at the top end of her head ..this offered a perspective that was extrememly difficult to draw for me .. total foreshortening aspect ..

~ this pose really asks for trust.. trust in the shapes that I see not in what my head knows belongs where... when the mind says ...but that cant be right the foot does not extend from the knee ...giggle

~ I was pleased however, that for my first ever effort I can actually make out a female the is lying down ..that made me happy

figure drawing studies reclining pose


Female Figure Drawing Studies 1

Female Figure Drawing Poses Model Reclining / Lying down

~ in this pose the figure drawing pose held by the model looked quite easy and comfortable for her..yet I think holding the legs in that position on top of each other was quite hard for a duration of 20 minutes.. I think she got chilled very quickly and extra heaters had to be extended to keep her comfortable...

~ her i played with using a large chunk of charcoal and watercolor ink for some shading... again proportion is obviously an area very I can learn to improve this year .. yet for my first ever life drawing effort I am pleased that I can recognise a female lying on a table ... :-))


Female Figure Drawing Studies 1


Female Figure Drawing Studies 1


Figure Drawing Class Setup

~ In this life drawing class the tables for the model were arranged in the center of the room with the artists easels in a semi circle around the table

~ some inflatable mattresses were put on top of a table to increase the comfort for the model as well as providing a soft blanket and cushions to lie on

female figure drawing class setup

Female Figure Drawing Studies 1


Art Supplies for Life Drawing Classes

~ One of the things I wondered about when I attened my first life drawing class was what art supplies different artists would be using ... I am so used to drawing with pencil and ink in fine details and meticulous dotting techniques that the loose freehand style and working on large paper seemed quite intimidating

~I was surprised to see a wide variety of art supplies that lent themselves to capture short poses

Here a list of art materials used ...I experimented with

Art Supplies:

~ Charcoal pencils
~ Charcoal sticks
~ Graphite sticks
~ Waterbrushes filled with watered down acrylic inks
~ watercolor crayons
~ beeswax crayons

other artists played with

~ watercolors
~ vine charcoal
~ colored pencils
~ sumi e brushes and ink

Many artists opted to standing behind their easels which i found very uncomfortable to hold over a 2 hour time period ..I am so used to working on a table and in small details that it proved a challenge

Most artists worked on A2 sized papers, not a good qulaity paper as most figurative drawing studies are fast and fluid and not meant to be finished products..just learning explorations

Some worked on smaller sizes, some even seated or changing positions for different poses ..all quite fascinating to learn from

I hope you enjoy following my Process on Learning Female Figure Drawing Skills by attending Life Drawing CLasses with Figure Drawing Models

Female Figure Drawing Studies 1

Attending any kind of art class can be a big leap forward when one steps out of one's own comfort zone ..and this goes especially so for life drawing classes or figure drawing workshops

The presence of a figure drawing model can be intimidating at first, both for the artist and the model unless everyone is very comfortable in their own skin and willing to embrace the experience of lifedrawing as an art form that has a long long history

I imagine that eveyone has their personal preferences when it comes to drawing the human figure in the nude... a female figure drawing model is for me a way to learn more about myself and the female species as a whole ..


so I look forward to exploring the drawing of the female figure.. yet I also understand the a male figure drawigng model has a different energy to it that allows the artist to study the figure drawing proportions of the male species





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Female Figure Drawing Studies 1


Female Figure Drawing Studies 1
How to Draw the Female Figure

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