How to Carve a Stamp Print Block

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How to Carve a Stamp Print Block
How to Carve stamps

"Printmaking Tutorials for Mixed Media Artists"
carving printing blocks and carving stamps



Milliande Mini's E - Tutorials for Mixed Media Artists


Carving Tools

~ Lino , Linocut or Linoleum
when using Lino try heating it first with an iron or over a heat source to soften the makes it easier to carve

~ Gray Linoleum
is thinner and a little easier harder to carve but holds lines well

~ Goldencut Linoleum is somewhat thicker , harder to carve but crumbles less

~ Wonder-Cut Linoleum is easier to cut than our softer Golden-Cut, yet holds sharp lines as reliably as the Gray, with no crumbles, for clearer, sharper prints. kind of the best of both worlds

~ Eraser Carving with Mastercarve the white thick one or Speedy Stamp Carving Blocks that are pink and somewhat thinner
I like the thinner variety as I am able to bend the print block around curves

~ Linoleum Knives or Carving Gauges of varying sizes and shapes
~ I use speedball cutter tools and a set of wood carving knives

~ An economical beginner carving tool set for linoleum and eraser carving is the Small Plastic Linoleum Cutter

~With a handy storage compartment comes the
Speedball Linoleum Cutters

~ a Printmaking Bench Hookfor protecting the surface and protecting the hands from carving accidents

Linoleum Block Printing

Linoleum Block Printing Book with Carvable Illustration Templates

How to Carve Printing Blocks

Carving Stamps and Printing Blocks for Mixed Media Artists
How to Carve a Stamp Print Block

~ There are lots of different ways for making printing blocks for various printmaking projects

~ Here I would like to take a looks at Carving Stamps and Carving Printing Blocks for use in Mixed Media Art Projects

~ To start off with I will look at the various printmaking tools that I use to carve stamps ....

~ The most commenly know prinmaking material is probably linoleum or also known as lino or linocut material . it comes in various colours like brown and grey and each colour has a different strenght that changes the carving feel.

Part 1
~ Carving Tools ~
for eraser carving stamps and carving print blocks


Part 2
~ How to Transfer a Design ~
onto the Printmaking Block



Part 3
~ Carving Stamps Design ~
onto Printing Block



Part 4
~ Carving and Printing Block ~
carving stamps block printing


Art Journaling with Carved Stamp Printing Blocks

Part 5 Putting it all together Mixed Media Style
Part 6 Layering techniques
Part 7 final can be found here

Art Journaling with carved stamps part 5-7

The Act of Creating
Acting on the Inspiration to Create
Artist Dates

Making Love with Your Muse

The Act of Honoring your SELF
Art Materials Used

~ speedball cutter

~ brayer roller

~ Mastercarve Artist Carving Blocks

~Speedy Stamp carving Blocks

~ Speedy-stamp Carving Block lrg size

~ Gray Linoleum

~ Wonder-Cut Linoleum

~ Goldencut Linoleum

~ Staz-On Ink Pads

~ Bench Hook /Inking Plate

For Beginner Carvers
~ Speedball Basic Stamp Carving Kit

inktense pencils
white gesso
pitt artist pens
distress inks
Golden Fluid Acrylics

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