How to Bind a Book Mini Journal

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How to Bind a Book Mini Journal


"How to Bind your Own Book for Mini Journals"

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~ Here you will find Free Instructional Art Video on How to Bind Books which offer a glimpse at lots of different art techniques and art experiments , sometimes looking at visuals can help to explain so much more than just words in an art lesson

~ All are free art classes online

~ I love honoring those artists that share of themselves so that others may learn

My favourite Creativity Quote

"My words are Valuable, My Experiences are Unique,
When others Share I learn ~ When I share Others Learn ~ Go Create !"

so you might even get inspired to share yourself so that your expertise might help another to learn a new art technique

...Milliande :-)

HOP OFF for Easy Bookbinding,Step by Step Video Tutorial with Tasha Learn Bookbinding for Miniature Art Journal Making

Free Online Art Class How to Bind a Book
Introducing Easy Bookbinding Tutorial with Guest Artist Tasha

~ This is a art class with Tasha from Canada
~ Learn how to book bind a mini art journal book
~ This free online art class comes with video support to show step by step instructions on how to bind a book for art journaling
~ Tasha uses materials and equipment beginner book binders can easily have at hand and keeps techniques nice and simple for creating a mini journal

Thank you to Tasha for sharing her Video Tutorial on easy bookbinding miniature style :-)

~ Tasha teaches how to bind a book , make a mini book , a simple sewing stitch and covered with decorative papers , this technique is suitable for mini art journals and general creative notebooks miniature style

Free Art Classes Online
How to Bind Your Own Book
How to Bind a Book Mini Journal
Mini Art Journal Learn Bookbinding Part 1
Making and fixing signatures - simple bookbinding

required bookbinding materials are

~ paper for inside journal pages
~ something to fold paper with ( a bonefolder )
~ decorative paper for the journal cover
~ pencil
~ strong white glue or bookbinding glue or heavy gel medium
~ scissors
~ needle , awl bodkin piercing tool
~ ruler
~ paintbrush

Tasha - you can visit her art including art dolls, more of her art journals, at
She also has beautiful paintings for sale at her etsy shop , so you are in for a treat
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