How to Bind a Book with Rice Freeman Zachery

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How to Bind a Book with Ricë Freeman Zachery


"How to Bind your Own Book with leather bound cover "

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~ Here you will find Free Instructional Art Video on How to Bind Books which offer a glimpse at lots of different art techniques and art experiments , sometimes looking at visuals can help to explain so much more than just words in an art lesson

~ All are free art classes online,

~ I love honoring those artists that share of themselves so that others may learn

My favourite Creativity Quote

"My words are Valuable, My Experiences are Unique,
When others Share I learn ~ When I share Others Learn ~ Go Create !"

so you might even get inspired to share yourself so that your expertise might help another to learn a new art technique

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Free Online Art Class How to Bind a Book
Introducing Easy Bookbinding Tutorial with Guest Artist Ricë Freeman Zachary

~ This is a art class with Rice from the USA
~ Learn how to book bind a soft leatherbound art journal book
~ This free online art class comes with video support to show step by step instructions on how to bind a book for art journaling
~ Rice Freeman Zachary uses materials and equipment beginner book binders can easily have at hand and keeps techniques nice and simple

Thank you to Rice Freeman Zachary for sharing her Video Tutorial on easy bookbinding :-)

HOP OFF for Easy Bookbinding,Step by Step Video Tutorial with Rice Freeman Zachary, Learn Bookbinding for Art Journal Making, Making Easy Leatherbound Journal for Art Journal

~ Rice teaches how to bind a book .a simple sewing stick and a soft leatherbound cover , this technique is suitable for mini art journals and general creative notebooks.

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How to Bind Your Own Book
How to Bind a Book with Ricë Freeman Zachery
Learn Bookbinding Part 1
Making and fixing signatures - simple bookbinding

required bookbinding materials are

~ paper for inside journal pages
~ something to fold paper with ( a bonefolder )
~ soft leather
~ graph paper and pencil
~ strong white glue or bookbinding glue, leather glue
~ scissors
~ needle , awl bodkin piercing tool
~ an old phonebook
~ ruler

How to Bind a Book with Soft Leatherbound Cover Part 2
How to Bind a Book with Ricë Freeman Zachery

required bookbinding materials are

- clamps , clips
~ tapestry needle with blunt tip
~ bookbinding thread

Ricë Freeman Zachary - more of her art journals, can be found at
Take a peek at her fabric art journals and you can also get funky inspiration from Rices art ezine . She is the creator of journal skirts, an alternative take of wearable art journal art
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