How to Navigate Ning


How to Navigate Ning

Milliande Art Community Help Guides

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How to Navigate Ning
Milliande Art Community Help Guides

~ Our Art Community for Women is hosted by NING ..a provider of a social networking platform

~ Sometimes it can seem like a maze navigating all the different passages and subgroups, art galleries and blog spaces in our ning community

~ Here I would like to share some video guides on "How to Ning" .... little tips for successfully navigating some of the common areas of our art community

~ I hope this helps a little ...
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions in our Art Community


*** What are Fireflies ?


~ Fireflies are our Art Community Helpers who are happy to assist you with any query you may have realting to navigating our Ning Social Network Environment , participating in subgroups .. and general " HOW TO " questions of support...

~ If you are new to our Community then please FIRST check out this FAQ "NEWBIE INTRO" below and follow the video tutorial to help you get familiar with how things work here... if that does not clear things up ..then the fireflies are happy to try and help if they can

If you are still stuck after reading the FAQ here that then please feel free to " ASK A FIREFLY"

*** What is "ASK MILLIANDE"

~ "ASK MILLIANDE " is a space for you to ask Milliande any ART questions you may have with regards to her art videos, mixed media topics covered in the Community , art supplies and resources or a specific art project your are working on and could use a little input for

~ PLEASE direct ALL ART questions for Milliande into this space... they will be answered in the order they arrive, and it ensures that none get missed in the maze of our community

~ There is a button at the top of our communities navigation bar to " Ask Milliande" or follow the link here


~ The Chat by the Fire Subgroup in our Community is a place where you can introduce themselves, join a Country Group, and to Pin the Map of where in the world you are

~ Here you will find a warm welcome and a first place to get yourself aquainted
*** Where do I find Latest Activity News ?

~ there are several ways to stay up to date with what is going on in our Art Community

~ First up : The most recent news posted by Milliande will always be available to view on our Community Home Page ..
there is a button on the top navigation bar in the community called " HOME AND NEWS" that takes you always to the front page happenings
and latest activity feeds

~ Second:
On your own personal "My Page" there is a latest activity feed that can be enabled ( see below for MY PAGE instructions)

~ Third: If you are a facebook user, then that is the first place our up to date art news and video uploads are posted , feel free to join us there Milliande Art Community Facebook Fanpage

*** What are Subgroups?

~ Our Art Community is divided into several topical subgroups ..each concentrating on a particular art genre .. You are welcome to join any subgroup that resonates with you ... some are by approval only to which you may apply to join ( ie some contain nudity etc)

~ You can take a peek at all available subgroups at the link below and there is also a button in the community top naviation bar called "Subgroups" that will take you there too
Milliande Art Community Subgroups

*** Art Gallery - How do I Upload Photos ?
How to Navigate Ning Milliande Art Community Help Guides

~ We have a 5 a DAY Photo Limit ... that allows all members of our art community a chance to appear on the front pages.. .please note that adding photos from your MY PAGES still puts them into the main gallery, extra photos can be added into the individual topics in each subgroup

~ Video Tutorial on How to Upload Photos into our Community Art Gallery

how to upload photos into the art gallery

*** Subgroup Discussions - How do I Upload Photos ?
How to Navigate Ning Milliande Art Community Help Guides
*** What is a " MY PERSONAL PAGE " Profile ?
How to Navigate Ning Milliande Art Community Help Guides

~ Your " My Page" is your own personal page within our community, where you can post intros, add a webaddress and personalize your space....
~ On your My PAGE you can also see your latest activities and movements within the community

How can I personalize my " MY PAGE"

Tutorial on How to Personalize your MY PAGE

*** What is " MY BLOG"

~ each member of our community has a personal BLOG within our Ning network ... It can be accessed from your " MY PAGE "

~ once on your my page -- (accessible from the navigation bar at top of the page )... look to the left hand side where you find a button saying BLOG ..

~ You Blog can be used to write your daily art projects, promote your website, etsy etc and share interesting art webfinds, talk about your day etc
*** Where do I find the Art Community Guidelines ?



How to Ning Milliande Art Community Help Guides
Mixed Media Art Explorations with
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