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How to Use Picture Prompts



" Creativity Prompts and Picture Prompts for Artists and Writers"

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~ Creative Writing can be a process that simple comes naturally to a writer or an artist or is something that can be learned and practiced and with time accomplished

~ Whichever way creative writing is approached inspiration can be found in a myriad of ways often at times and places that are least expected

~ Most writers find at essential to keep a little notebook and pen with them at all time to keep track of all sorts of inspirational snippets that might find their way into their life .

~ I love my little moleskin notebook which has a little pocket at the back for storing small pieces of paper or magazine cut outs that can act as inspiration later on ..

~ I try and take note of anything that catches my eye and holds my attention and often find that later on all these little puzzle pieces put togehter form a creative whole

~ here I take a little look at the use of picture prompts for creative writing exercises, visual images that are trying to tell a story..

~ Enjoy reading about Ideas on How to Use Picture Prompts

.. Milliande

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How to Use Picture Prompts for Creative Writing Exercises

~ Picture Prompts are an easy way to charge up the inspirationals fires

~ At times one is stuck in a creative block and a photo prompt or creative writing prompt can be used to ignite the creative flow and act as a source of inspiration.

~ At other times its just fun to try something different and play with writing from a prompt or even creating a piece of calligraphy artwork inspired by a picture prompt.

~ If you are very visually minded like I am than a picture often tells a story better than a thousand words ... but the challenge lies in finding the words that can convey what is felt with the heart

~ Pictures and Images speak differently to each viewer, hold different emotions and focus is amazing to see the variety of responses given for the same photo prompt or image -- try it with a group of people and see just how varied the emotional landscapes or writers are..

How to Use Picture Prompts

Where to find a Picture Prompt :

~ You can use a photo prompt from a photography you have taken of anything that inspired you to stop and capture that image

~ You can use picture prompts from images found in a magazine , an old book or shopping catalogues.

~ If you have a specific theme you wish to write or create art about you can use the image search facility on an internet search engine to find related images to your topic

~ you can use an online photo sharing site like flickr, smugmug or photobox to take a peek at other peoples inspirational photos that might inspire you too

~ You can use a creativity prompt with lead in questions specially designed for creative writing exercises

How to use a Picture Prompt :

~ Use a photo prompt or print out the picture you have chosen to use

~ take time to create a space where you will be undisturbed for a while and quietly sit with the image

~ Imagine yourself being part of the image interacting with it as if you where present in the scene

~ Take on the role of a person and imagine what the interaction with the environment or other objects, people or animals might be like.

~ If there are people in the picture prompt try asking them questions and see what inspiration comes up as to what their response would be.

~ Ask lead in questions such as " I wonder where this person just came from ? " , "Who lives behind that window ? ", " What reason might be the cause for that scene ? " , How does this image make me feel" or "What would I do in this situation ? " .

~ If you are using a creativity prompt especially designed for writing practice then let your creativity be sparked by taking a look at the picture prompt and read the questions associated with it . Then simply pick up a pen , get into the flow of the image and let inspiration take you on a creative writing journey.

When to use Picture Prompts :

~ as inspiration for short story writing
~ as a start for an art journal entry
~ to get into the mood for poem writing
~ to stretch the imagination out of your comfort zone
~ as a practice for students learning creative writing
~ when creating a drama or play and developing character identities

~ Daily writing prompts and even art prompts can be a brilliant way to introduce a dose of artistic spirit and creative writing into your life.

~ You might be amazed how much fun it can be to enter the visual world of an image and be inspired to participate creatively in the story that unfolds.

How to Use Picture Prompts

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How to Use Picture Prompts
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