Imagery Prompts June 2008

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Imagery Prompts
June 2008
Milliande Introspective Art Circle

" Words and Images of Inner Wisdom "

Milliande Introspective Art Circle

~ here you will find a selection of art prompts, creativity prompts and imagery prompts that were posted at the Milliande Introspective Art Circle

~ I will try and add all the prompts from the various month that they are posted in for easy reference .. this will make it a little resource that can be accessed and revisited anytime you are looking for a little creative inspiration

~ If you are a member of the Introspective Art Circle then please feel free to share your art journal pages and art works related to the prompts in the Photo Album section for Imagery Prompts so we can all take a peek :-)

~ If you are a woman who likes to go deeper in her intuitive art expressions you may like to find out more about our circle here
Milliande Introspective Art Circle


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June 2008
Imagery Prompts June 2008
Vincent Prompt
inspired by Vincent van Gogh and Eckhart Tolle

take a peek at theVincent imagery prompt
My Gift to the World
My gift to the World Art Prompt

take a peek at the Imagery Prompt My Gift to the World

Personal Icons of the Moment
Personal Icon of the Moment Prompt

take a peek at the Imagery Prompt Personal Icons

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Imagery Prompts June 2008
Art Prompts and Creative Prompts and Imagery Prompts for Exploratory Journeys of the Self
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