Imagery Prompt My Gift to the World

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Imagery Prompt My Gift to the World
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June 2008
Imagery Prompt My Gift to the World
My Gift to the World Art Prompt

"My Gift to the World"

- Prepare a pen and a journal

~Sit in silence, close your eyes if that is comfortable and go within, open
your heart space and start breathing rhythmically ...

~ set your intention of wishing to see images with your inner eye that
represent your particular gifts you have to offer to the community of this
earth at this time

~ With your inner eye - See a big blue ocean ... and gently rocking on the
shore is a boat ....

~ step into the boat ... feel it glide into the sea ....

~ as you are gently rocking along in the boat , on the ocean feel
happy, and excited ....

... you turn your head and you can see images arise out of the foam of the
waves ...

~ these images are playing with you

~ See , feel , hear the sounds, colors, and smells of your images entering
your consciousness

~ Ask the Ocean .... " Please show me images that represent my gift to the

~ ... and slowly let your body find the images ...


~ gently open your eyes ... only halfway ....
and start recording some of the imagery forms that are shaping themselves in
your awareness... these maybe doodles, lines, dots and scribbles at first
... stay with the movement ... keep half the attention on your inner eye...
and half your attention on your journal page ... let the forms take shapes
as they arise

~ if you feel like the journey is complete.. bring your attention back to
your breathing ..

~ then regain awareness of your surroundings ....

~ thank the ocean for its assistance ...

~ and return to the present ....

Imagery Prompt My Gift to the World

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Imagery Prompt My Gift to the World

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