Is Scanner Art Photography Art ?

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Is Scanner Art Photography Art ?

" ~ If scanner art is a photograph, what about a group of objects placed on a photocopier?

~ If I take a photocopy of a photograph is it a photograph?

~ What if I take a picture of a textual record is the result photographic or textual, and why?

~ And if I then photocopy it, what is *that*?

~ If a photo copy of a photograph is still a photograph, what about a mimeograph?

~ Or a copper plate engraving, made by an artist working from a photographic original and ultimately used in a printing press?

~ What if the artist puts a piece of onionskin paper over a photograph and traces it - is the result a photograph?

~ But let's not stop there. If I email you a digital photograph the image you look at is still a photograph. Say that I take a simple black and white photograph and superimpose it on a grid of, say, 100 x 100 squares, then send it by wire using a specialized morse code. At the receiving station the operator fills in a piece of paper marked into 100 x 100 squares - black for every dash, say, and empty for every dot. At the end he has a copy of my photograph. Is *it* a photograph?

~ I suppose you could say that if a mechanical printer was used to make the received image then it might qualify as a photograph, but if you go with that then a piece of ASCII art - which is *not* a photograph - must magically become one when it is transmitted electronically.

~ If that's the case, if the act of transmission can turn a non-photograph into a photograph, then if I box up the Mona Lisa and mail it to you, the product you receive must also be a photograph.

Don't even get me started on clay tablets. ..."

Author Jon O'Brian

What is Scanner Art ?
Is Scanner Art Photography Art ?

~ Scanner Art or sometimes affectionately known as scanner magic

~ The technical term for scanner art is scanography or no-camera photography

~ it is a digital artform that utilises photo scanners and image scanners to create work of art

~ it is a type of macro photography art , allowing for very beautiful macro close ups of your chosen subject

~ Placements and arrangement of your macroart subjects can be either random for a surprise abstract art effect or carefully choreographed for the closest representation of your creative art idea

~ Unlike taking a macro photo with a traditional camera, this form of macrophotography utilises a flatbed scanner which captures an image by slowly moving both the light and the lens across the chosen art subject

~ it allows for different kind of in one elongated time exposure

Is Scanner Art Photography Art ?
Looks like the debate is open but whatever the opinion on scanner art versus photography is a great art experiment to try...

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Scanner Art Versus Photography Art

Is Scanner Art Photography Art ?

"I remember reading an interview of Fellini. When asked about his art and aesthetic he replied that the only thing that he does is to allow light to burn its path on film. He was being literal in both theory and practice. A photograph is just that. Light allowed to burn/carve/print on a surface ... "

Kosti 7even

..." Well maybe a simpler way to look at it is to recall the entymology of 'photo-graph'. An image made with / from light. In which case a scanner is a camera with its own light source, lens and camera... "


"I call this style,
Analog, digital, experimental photographic art. (Adept)
This is not just an abstract, still life, digital art or altered.
This is a combination of many artistic disciplines."

Scanner Artist Carl Yeager

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Is Scanner Art Photography Art ?
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