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Journaling Workshop
Paper Dolls Wannabe Art Dolls


"Print , Color Glue .. which Paper Doll are you ? "

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~ I love keeping a journal and art journaling has given me an outlet where i can play with colour, form and texture and creatively express what I might not be able to put into just words

~ Sometimes it is interesting to challenge oneself to work with only the bear materials at hand ... inspiration for journaling can come from all sorts of sources and ideas are just begging to be journalled down

~ Art Journalling lends itself well to Mixed Media Collage and when one sits in Starbucks surrounded by collage artwork and suddenly spies their promotioanl literature..yikes anything can happen over a Macchiato....

~ Enjoy

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Journaling Workshops Art Dolls

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~ Art is such a personal thing and inspiration can be glimpsed in a myriad of ways

~ Here I share with you my personal journey of exploring art viewed through the eye of my soul

~ It may resonate with you and inspire you to try creating art for yourself

~ It may not

~ Either way is perfectly beautiful in its own way


Journaling Workshop Paper Dolls wannabe Art Dolls Part 2

Art Class Materials needed :

~ an art journal or blank drawing book ( must be able to withstand some use of water )
~ watercolour crayons
~ gesso
~ watercolor pencils
~ a soft brush
~ printable paper dolls and clothes ( complimentary download of free printable paper dolls pieces)
~ scissors
~ faber castell artist marker ( works well of watercolor crayons who sometimes leave a waxy residue )

~ Got inspired to draw some paper dools and clothes to add to my art journal pages
~ Take a peek at some watercoloring techniques and assemblage of paper dolls who wannabe art dolls in my journal :-))

~ I also love the use of watercolor pencils over white acrylic paint - the watercolor pencils need to be fairly soft pigment for this to work

Milliande Artist Supplies Journaling Workshops Paper Dolls Wannabe Art Dolls
Part 2
Journaling Workshops

Dancing With Fairies

Journaling Workshops Paper Dolls Part 2


~ I tried using different kinds of watercolor background patterns for a rainbow colored background ...just like dancing with the fairies amongst a summer bed of flowers in bloom

~ I love using the little rectangle shaped background for writing poetry , adding small journal snippets when I have lots of little things to say ...often when I am writing in my journal the art space I have created for it perfectly suits what is waiting to come out through my writing

~ When I surrender to the creative writing process... and let my art do its thing it all seems to flow seemlessly ... however if I try to plan a page that just does not work for me ..I am not one for layouts ..I just sit, breathe in , meditate on my intention and then just let it flow onto the page .....


Milliande Artist Supplies Journaling Workshop Paper Dolls Wannabe Art Dolls

Journaling Workshops Art Dolls Part 1

Windows of My Soul

Journaling Workshops Paper Dolls Wannabe Art Dolls

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Journaling Workshops Paper Dolls Wannabe Art Dolls
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