Making Journal Pages with Milliande Circle Poem

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Making Journal Pages with Milliande
Circle Poem


" Jourmaling ~ Art ~ Journaling ~ a circle of renewal "

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~ I love keeping a journal and art journaling has given me an outlet where i can play with colour, form and texture and creatively express what I might not be able to put into just words or wish to hang on the wall with a canvas

~ When out and about I use a small moleskine notebook for my art journal and I carry some millenium marker pens, a few watercolor pencils and a soft brush to work with ... I love the size of the moleskine, the texture of the paper and the little pocket in the back for storing snippets and ideas

~ Enjoy

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Making Journal Pages with Milliande Art in a Circle

Making Art Journal Pages with Milliande

~ Art is such a personal thing and inspiration can be glimpsed in a myriad of ways

~ Here I share with you my personal journey of exploring art viewed through the eye of my soul

~ It may resonate with you and inspire you to try creating art for yourself

~ It may not

~ Either way is perfectly beautiful in its own way


Making Art Journal Pages with Milliande Circle Poem

Art Class Materials / Art Supplies I used :

~ an art journal or blank drawing book ( must be able to withstand some use of water, I used a moleskine drawing notebook )
~ circle drawing template or old CD
~ Watercolor pencils
~ waterproof marker pens ( I use Zig 005 and 01)

~ Confining my art within a circle is one of my favourite ways of expressing
myself, I have drawn circles for as long as I can remember
~ I am in love with the shape and to me it represents a sphere, a circle of wholeness wherein a whole universe is contained
~ For beginner journal keeper or those starting out with an art journal a circle large or small can create a good starting point rather than being faced with an empty white page

~ I love using a small moleskine notebook journal and a mini circle drawing templates because I enjoy using miniature pieces
~ You can equally draw a circle with a cup, an old CD, a bottle.. in whatever size journal you happen to use...

~ Try this Art Experiment : Restrict yourself to working only within circles on one journal page and see how you can stretch your imagination ...

~ Here I tried to create some Poetry in a circle
Circle Poems can be written in a variety of ways, here the visual journaling version ....

Take a peek at the VAB Creativity Club Backissue of Circle Poems for some Creative Writing Prompt ideas and sample Circle poems

Enjoy Making Journal Pages with Milliande Circle Poem Art Video

... Milliande :-)

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Making Journal Pages with Milliande Circle Poem Art Video

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Making Journal Pages
with Milliande Circle Poem
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