Milliande Artist Date Challenges Cherries

Milliande Artist Date


Take Your SELF " Out to Art"

What is an Artist Date ?

~ I have been hearing a lot about people chasing their muse, feeling in a creative block , uneasy to start projects that seem out of reach and generally just looking for inspiration

~ I first noticed "Artist Dates" mentioned in Julia Camerons Book of the same name ... but a lot of people find it hard to motivate themselves to actually "DO IT " rather than just read about it, think it great and then let it wash down the stream of thoughts that enter the mind and exit just as fast

Milliande Artist Date Challenges Cherries

~ Taking time out for Art is often seen as a secondary priority and often ends up even further down the list of "Have to's

~ Another time there is soo much inspiration, so many possible arty avenues , so many started and never finished projects that it seems like navigating this maze turns into a struggle rather than fun

~ Making a commitment to nurture yourself can be a very liberating starting point on your personal journey to honor your creative self

~ Now Letha and I have been talking - and she mentioned that sometimes it takes a little push for people to get creative, an incentive , a challenge that helps break out of the daily rhythm of "Have to's" and embrace "ME TIME "
~ Taking the "Artist Date" idea a little further,
I would like to offer "Milliande Artist Dates " for Milliande Creativity Club Members

Guidlines for Participation in "Milliande Artist Dates"
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Milliande Artist Date Guidelines


Milliande Artist Date Challenges Cherries
Milliande Artist Date challenges


The Theme for this Artist Date is "Cherries"

Paint, zendoodle, photograph, stitch, art journal , bead , carve, or create a poem etc ... about Cherries :-)))

Here is a video on how to paint a bowl of cherries in oils

Here a video on painting cherries in chinese inks

or try to crochet some cherries

Here is a free printable template cherries for zendoodling, or stitching or to use as a template for a mixed media painting ...enjoy

free printable template cherries coloring page

Cherries Template to print

PROOF of "Milliande Artist Date Attendance ":

" I have played with Cherries
Upload a Photo of your "Milliande Artist Dates" Creation at the

Artist Date " Cherries " Gallery


... Milliande

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Milliande Artist Date challenges Cherries
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The Act of Creating
Acting on the Inspiration to Create
Artist Dates

Making Love with Your Muse

The Act of Honoring your SELF
"Out to Art"

Milliande Artist Date Challenges" Cherries "Upload a Photo of your
Artist Dates"
At the
" Cherries "Gallery

Art for Art Sake,

It takes courage to visually display what essentially is only visible to the heart

Ripe Cherries
Close up View of a cherries painting

Still Life with Cherries
Painting a Still Life with Cherries

Dear George Washington
Cherries Painting offset with a chequered black and white tablecloth

Very Cherry

Taking a Cherry Pie and making a painting from the still life setting

Cherries Painting

a simple yet beautiful Cherry Art Picture

Steady on Cherries
A Contemporary Cherry Painting using fluid lines in pen drawing techniques

Girl with Basket and Cherries

Painting of a Girl with a Basket of Cherries - or using a vintage collage image to create a similar artwork

Martini: Cherry
How about a Martini with a Cherry on top :-)

My Orchard II
A Cherries Orchard Collage

Cherries on the Tree, Canada

A Photographic Print of Cherries on a tree ... try your grocery stores for cherries and arrange them in an artistic way to photograph


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Milliande Artist Date Challenges Cherries
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