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Part 1


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Milliande Visionary Art Bus Explores Scanner Magic

~I have tried a lot of things and was really exited when I glimpsed the possibilities of Scanner Art

~ Always on the lookout for new creativity help guides online I came across some fascinating scanner artists and their work was simply breathtaking

~ Being a keen photographer and having dabbled with macro photography my curiosity was piqued

~ How did they
achieve such beautiful close up photography images of such tricky subjects?

~ Little did I know how relatively easy it is to create beautiful macrophotography art with no camera photography ... yes no camera is used but instead a flatbed scanner technique ..

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What is Scanner Art ?

~ Scanner Art or sometimes affectionately known as scanner magic

~ The technical term for scanner art is scanography or no-camera photography

~ it is a digital artform that utilises photo scanners and image scanners to create work of art

~ it is a type of macro photography art , allowing for very beautiful macro close ups of your chosen subject

~ Placements and arrangement of your macroart subjects can be either random for a surprise abstract art effect or carefully choreographed for the closest representation of your creative art idea

~ Unlike taking a macro photo with a traditional camera, this form of macrophotography utilises a flatbed scanner which captures an image by slowly moving both the light and the lens across the chosen art subject

~ it allows for different kind of in one elongated time exposure

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Milliande Free Online Art Classes Scanner Art

Equipment and Art tools needed for Scanner art

What you need:


~ Access to a desktop computer or a laptop computer


~ a photo scanner which has a flat bed scanner access ( not the type of scanner where you need to feed paper through upright )


~ a cloth to clean the flat bed scanner surface during different sessions of macro photography ( even tiny speckles of dust show up in this type of macro photography so taking care of surface particles is essential ,I use a silk scarf )


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Milliande Free Online Art Classes Scanner Art Part 1

Creative Scanner Art Tools for Part 1:

Fishing line

~ I use transparent fishing line to suspend items in the air above my flat bed scanner to get 3 - dimensional depth effects

Bamboo Cane or other long Stick

~ depending on where your flatbed scanner is located you might need a long cane to suspend the fishing line from


~ I use fine craft tweezers which allow me to postion visual elemts of design in the objects I like to scan . I scanned a palm tree leaf suspended with the fishing line and added tiny feathers with my tweezers for added creativity details

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Milliande Free Online Art Classes Scanner Art Part 1

Milliande Free Online Art Classes Scanner Art Part 1

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Part 1

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