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~ Ohh I feel like having a little playtime ...

~ Online Treasure Hunts and Guessing Games always add a little fun into the day ... lets see what we can play with here

~ I will come up with some little treasure hunts and guessing games that will add a little playful joy into our lives ... something giggley, something arty, something silly ...who knows ... lets see where it takes us ...

~ Scroll down to read the guidelines for participating ..and in the spirit of Giving for the sake of Giving ...there is always a little "Creative Teaser Prize" to make the creative journey even sweeter .,...

Looking forward to playing with you

... Milliande


Milliande Guessing Games

Milliande Guessing Games

What is a Guessing Game ?

~ much like an online quiz, there will be a task, instructions on what to guess, and a form to submit your guess

~ there is a deadline for the quiz , after which all correct guesses will be entered into a draw to win a "Milliande Artist Care Package"

~ that's it ...just a bit of fun to brighten up your day

~ Take a Peek the current Milliande Guessing Games ....
then Vote to Win :-)))



What is a " Milliande Artist Care Package" ?
~ A Milliande Care Package is a packet crammed full with "Artful Love " designed to Nurture your Creative Soul
~ each package will be created and personally send to you by Milliande

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Milliande Guessing Games

October 2008

Guess the Altered Book?
closing date December 3rd 2008

Milliande Guessing Games

~ Guess which altered book Milliande created in Michael DeMengs art course "Alchemical Transformation - Altered Books into Sacred Shrines" in Italy , Cortona

~ View impression photos from all the participants of the workshop and guess which one is Milliande's

~ Take a peek at the Altered Books here Michael Demeng Workshop - Altered Art Books

~ each photo has a little caption underneath, enter the caption in the "Guessing Form " below to participate

~ Good luck :-))))
This Guessing Game is now Closed :-)))

There were 39 entries
5 of those where correct guesses ...

And the Winner of the Milliande Artist Care Package is :-)))) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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