Milliande Wichteln Secret Santas

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Milliande Wichteln Secret Santas

"Creating our own Christmas Holiday Traditions"

Milliande Wichtelt Secret Santas

Milliande Wichteln Secret Santas

~ I remember the christmas tradition of "Wichteln" from when I was very little.

~ Secret Gifts would be wrapped carefully for your recipients, chosen or made with lots of love and care

~ The Secret Santas or Wichtel Gifts would be eagerly anticipated ...the element of suspense and surprise adding to the festive christmas holiday fun


~ is the German word for Secret Santa , also known as kristkindl, christkindl , Amigo Secreto or Amigo oculto (Secret Friend) and Amigo Invisible (Invisible Friend) or Pollyanna

"Milliande Wichtelt "

~ sending "Secret Angels" to your Door to members of the "Milliande Creativity Club for Women"

~ "Secret Santa" is a Western holiday tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift.

~in Germany this is called "Wichteln"

~ Often practiced in workplaces, organisations and groups of kin people , participation in it is voluntary. It offers a way for many people to give and receive a gift


Christmas Traditions and Xmas Holiday Fun
Milliande Wichteln Secret Santa Secret Angels

Milliande Wichteln Secret Santas

~ To celebrate the coming together of our wonderful circle of creative women I would like to invite you all to participate in our first

"Milliande Wichtelt - Secret Angel"
Gift Making and Gift Sharing Event

~ Sharing of yourself and your art to bring joy to another woman

~ Partaking in more than just an exchange, but in the building and cementing of a personal community, OUR community

How to Participate in "Milliande Wichtelt - Secret Angels"
Christmas Traditions and Holiday Fun

~enter your name as a reply into the "Milliande Wichtelt" Thread thread in the "Lucky Ladies " Forum at the Creativity Club to be counted as a participant

~make a beautiful angel in a chosen medium of your choice, this is to be a very special angel full of arty love for a fellow artist woman. Please only sign up if you can devote the time to make a such a precious angel ( you can sew, sculpt, paint, draw, doodle, quilt, assemblage, saw, glue, lace, ink, alter, or any other media of your choice .. )

~ Each angel is to "carry" a small gift from your heart for the recipient - this can be handmade or store bought ( value not to exceed $10 US)

~ All participants names will be added into a "Wichtel Bag" , and each woman will be given the name of another woman for whom she will create this "Secret Angel" .... it is not permitted to share for whom you are making this angel as it will interfere with the special love vibrations :-) this is to be A Secret Gift of Angel Love for the recipient.

~ You will make one "Secret Angel" and make or buy a gift and you will receive a "Secret Angel" and a gift from your Wichtel Partner

~ Each recipient of a "Secret Angel" agrees to upload a photo of the Angel they received to "Milliande Wichtel Gallery"

Points to note:

~ Our Womens Circle has members from many parts of the world
~ You may find that the woman you are "assigned " to, lives far away from you, so it would be advisable to figure in postage costs ,before making your decision to participate
~ we will need your snail mail postal address ( which will be given to Milliande, and handed out by her to your Wichtel Partner)

Closing Dates
For Milliande Wichteln Secret Santas
Christmas Traditions and Holiday Fun

~ Closing date for indicating your willingness to make a "Secret Angel" is
November 7th 2008 ( add your name by that date)

~ Date of the "Wichtel Name Draw" November 9th 2008 to be held at the Milliande Creativity CLub

~ Closing Date for sending out your "Secret Angels" to "your" Woman December 7th in time for the festive season :-)

~ Creating our own christmas and seasonal holiday traditions, sharing with women, arting and enjoying our growth together .. a true community of women

For Milliande Wichteln Secret Santa

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The Act of Creating
To give from the Heart

To let go and simply receive

listening deep within and knowing what is the "right" gift
Being Seen

stepping out and entering a new spiral of discovery


Christmas, Solstice and the whole rainbow of the Festive Holiday Season


A Time to reflect on our differences and rejoices in our kinship

Christmas Traditions




Visionary Women inspiring the World
Women Artists having fun, exploring art with their heart and souls,
sharing the gift of love

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