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November Art Playtime at Milliande's ~ Mixed Media Art Community News
November 03, 2010
Hi ♥

A season of Tartan Tales at Milliande Art Community for Women


.. and a special welcome to all new members to our Art Community I hope you are all settling in to our creative space, feel free to peek at our NEWBIES INTRO .. and I look forward to getting to know you and your ART :-)


It has been a whirlwind few months for me, spending a lot of time travelling through the highlands of Scotland, indulging in a bit of Paris Flair and painting the night away at an art retreat hideaway in Burgundy ... and now the summer fades away and creative hibernation is making itself known .. ahh I feel a change in pace.

Lets play with a little season of Tartan Tales .. some celtic knots are awaiting our poised pens .. lots of fab new art has been posted and the Art Journal Pages swaps will see us through to the end of this year ..


ANNOUNCING a new Venture

as our ning community offers a non-commercial sharing space I am opening a seperate venue where I will be able to promote our artists that have creative wares for sale ..

With the Gift Giving season upon us, I would like to encourage all of our members to buy some gifts from within our communities talented artists to support each other... to that extend I am opening

Milliande Bazaar

Milliande Bazaar
~ featuring Artisan Showcases for contemporary art and handmade gifts

~ your are invited to promote your art business venture here...

~ I will publish a promotional webpage for everyone who completes the form and will do my best to support promotion of your pages on our facebook community as well as our milliande site which gets over 2500 new visitors a DAY .. so lots of opportunity to get seen and get known

Take a look Milliande Bazaar here


happy playing

Milliande Art Community Newsletter


Please SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter here

TWITTER all new additions to our community as they happen ..
my personal blog
Heartfelt Soul


HERE in our community we place no value on whether artwork is the best or perfect or good or acceptable artwork --
NO JUDGEMENT is necessary or encouraged here in our community ... ..but instead I like to nurture a simple return to recognising what resonated with oneself when looking at that artwork, what made you stop to take a closer look ... and sharing that feeling with the artist using words to that affect -- take a moment and FEEL your way into another persons artwork -- WATCH inside of you what emotions are triggered .. and share that resonance if you can :-)

~~~ Current Art PROMPTS ~~~


*** "Food Photo Collage "

Food Photo Collage Milliande

Food Photo Collage Art Prompt at the Lens photographers... and invitation to play creatively with your food ..
take a peek here if you like

Food Photo Collage Prompt

*** " Celtic Knot Art Journaling Prompt "

How to draw Celtic Knot Dot Method Milliande

Create and Art Journal Page that features a celtic knot or celtic patterns border desings, for tutorials and step by step how tos as well as to play along take a peek here
Celtic Knot Art Journaling

*** " Celtic Knot Mandala "

how to draw a celtic knot mandala

For our Season of " tartan Tales" our creative challenge is to draw , paint, doodle or sand a Celtic Knot Mandala ... Inspirational Video and details take a peek here
Celtic Knot Mandala Prompt

*** " Picture Poems "

Picture Poems Photography Prompt at Milliande

Jan invites all photographers in the Lens subgroup to come and play with Picture Poems .. A series of photos that take you from one point of view to another. That you hear a little conversation in your head as you view them.
take a peek here ...

Picture Poems Prompt
*** " Patterns - the Study of Line "

Patterns the study of line

Photography, a Study in Line. Jan invites to greate a collage of photographs of line patterns found with the lens
take a peek here
Patterns- the Study of Line

~~~ ART Discussions ~~~


*** " Ipad Art and Artists "

Ipad Art and Artists at Milliande Art discussion

With the Ipad has arrived a new wave of digital artists that use their ipad and apps designed for sketching and painting with your finger to create a multitude of artworks .. altering photos or painting straight onto the screen our art discussion

Ipad Art and Artists Discussion

*** "How to Draw a Celtic Knot digitally "

how to draw a celtic knot digitally milliande

Some fun ways of drawing celtic knots digitally and using a computer font ... Art Discussion - do you have a favorite way of drawing celtic knots with digital software ? ..take a peek here

How to Draw a Celtic Knot Digitally

*** "How to Distress a Background "

Holly has started a new art discussion on how to distress a background to make it appear less bright and more textures ..take a peek at suggestions here

How to Distress a Background

mindmapping for artists milliande*** "Mind Mapping for Artists "

mind mapping for artists art discussion at milliande

Mind Mapping for Artists -- Art discussion at Milliande's.. take a peek here if you like

Mindmapping for Artists

mindmapping for artists milliande*** "Art Book Wish List "

What's on your Art Book Wish List -- share your 3 favorites ..

1) What Art Technique Book has piqued your interest?
2) What inspirationally creative book has captured your imagination?
3) Which Artist would you love to read a coffee table book about ( either biography or picture book about their artwork ?

read and share - Art Book Wish List Discussion


I hold a space where you can ask Mixed Media questions and I will try and answered them from my art point of view ... take a peek here to ASK MILLIANDE .. I will answer the questions i order in which they arrive ..that way none get missed in the bustle of our community pages :-) and can be easily accessed for reference

here are the newly answered Mixed Media Topics are invited to share YOUR experiences too in the comment box that may help to answer the questions even further and from your point of view :-)

a couple of questions i could not find easy answers too ..any help appreciated
I am working my way through a backlog please be patient with me :-)


How do you, Milliande make time to art journal ?

What Brayer did you use in your altered photo video to texture ?

~~~ Art Resources and Inspiration ~~~


*** Recycling Artworthy Materials for Creative Minds

for those artists who live within travelling distance of Arizona, USA ... the Art Resource Center offer a place for recycling art materials and reusing art worthy materials in non-profit artworks
take a peek at their website?
The Art Resource center

*** Video Inspiration

How to Draw a Celtic Knot

How to Draw a Celtic Knot Mandala in Sand

How to Tie a Celtic Knot Heart

~~~ SWAPS ~~~

You are invited to host your own ART SWAPS -- any theme, any medium at the ART SWAP GROUP .... SWAP guidelines are posted for ATC's but can be adapted to suit all mediums and styles... feel free to open a new discussion with your own SWAPS anytime :-)


*** ATC - Artist Trading Card Holiday Ornament Swap

Nina is hosting a ATC - Christmas Holiday Ornament Swap, deadline NOVEMBER 25thThe goal is to create embellished ATC's that can be hung and used as ornaments on a tree! ..take a peek here if you like
ATC Christmas Holiday Ornament Swap

*** Art Journal Pages Swap

Nina is hosting the November/December Art Journal Pages Swap together, before continuing monthly again in the New Year ..

Here are the Art Journal Pages Themes to Swap

PAGE ONE: "I WANT TO FEEL....." Finish the sentence (e.g. happy. loved, the sun on my face...etc).

PAGE TWO: "LOOK CLOSER" Describe your 'authentic' self, who you really are. Is there something about you people miss? Is there something about yourself you wish people knew?

PAGE THREE: WHAT PART OF YOURSELF ARE YOU GOING TO NOURISH THIS YEAR? Think about what your soul needs for the upcoming year, and express it through this page.

PAGE FOUR: "FIRST SNOW", if you live somewhere currently entering summer, or does not get snow, you're artists- use your imagination!

Further details here
Art Journal Page Swap


*** Giclee Print Giveaway

Nina Chrysler is hosting a Giveaway - a giclee print of one of her artworks , take a peek here

~~~ CHAT ~~~


chat at milliande*** WEEKLY CHAT

We have been hosting our community chat sucessfully for a couple of months now seems that most days the chat lasts between 4- 6 lots of people all over the world to " wake up" .. finish work and be able to pop in to say hi :-) ... so feel free to come and add your typing voice to the mix is nice to get to know you all a bit better :-)

The weekly Community CHAT will be on FRIDAY's with an open 24 hour for people to pop in, I will send an email around when I manage to log on into the chatroom to say hi :-)

Here a link to a time converter to help you find the time in your country ...


all for now

have a playful day wherever you are :-)



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