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Milliande Art Ezine New's NOVEMBER Playtime
November 03, 2011
Hi ♥

Summer News
Milliande Art Community for Women

Milliande Womens Circle - Art Community for Creative Women

A very warm welcome to all our new members to continue to find their way to our little creative FIRE ..
and a big hello to all those who have been playing with us creating the unique supportive community that lies at the heart of everything we do ..


NEW --->>> I have decided to seperate my own personal art work from that of our Community Fan Page.. to that extend I have opened my PERSONAL FACEBOOK FANPAGE ..giggle .. for just my personal artworks if you like my art and care to follow my art journey ..I will upload new art journal pages, exhibition news and artworks in progress there..
would love to see you LIKE it :-) onto to our community News


Please SUBSCRIBE to our new newsletter here

BEFORE each Newsletter goes out .. the DAY TO DAY NEWS of our community are posted on our Twitter and on Our Community Facebook Fanpage ... so please feel free to follow us there ...



You are invited to host your own ART SWAPS -- any theme, any medium at the ART SWAP GROUP .... SWAP guidelines are posted for ATC's but can be adapted to suit all mediums and styles... feel free to open a new discussion with your own SWAPS anytime :-)


NOTE - SWAPS do tend to fill up really quickly ... if you cant find a space in the one you would like to participate in , why not host on of your own .. the more the merrier !!!
Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art IT's WICHTEL TIME

The 2011 4th annual

wichtel ornament exchange

is here!

With Christmas approaching our community wichtels shall be busy again.

WHAT IS A WICHTEL? Wichtel is the German Word for " Secret Santa" This is our version of exchanging and artful " SECRET SANTA" for the festive season with a member of our community
Find out how to play here


Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Christmas Fairytales - ALTERED MATCHBOX Swap

It's time for another decorated matchboxes swap. Would you like to play? Newbies are particularly welcome

Christmas Fairytales - ALTERED MATCHBOX Swap
  Prayer Flag Inchie Swap

LAST CHANCE -- closing date 5th November
The plan was to create a group of inchies and display them in a hanging format, like a prayer flag. There wasn't a set theme or size but I imagine you'll follow the prayer flag ethos... take a peek on how to participate here
Prayer Flag Inchie Swap

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Christmas Goodies Box Swap

Sharing Christmas Gifts with community members in our Christmas Goddies Box Swap .. take a peek on how to participate here


Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Art Gallery for the Spooky Halloween Matchboxes
  Take a peek at the Art Gallery for the submitted Spooky Halloween Matchbox Swap
Spooky Halloween Matchbox Swap Art Gallery
  Too Many Art Ideas-- How to Narrow it Down ?
  If you have no shortage of ideas and inspiration, if instead your head is full to the brim with so many avenues and projects to try .. HOW do you narrow it down ? How do you decide where to start ? How to you focus on a particular subject without digressing too much ?
Lots of good suggestions already ..take a peek

Too Many Art Ideas ?
  Bookbinding an Art Journal Japanese Style

3 Videos on how to Bind an art Journal Japanese Style ..take a peek here
Art Journal Japanese Style


  Light a Candle Say a Prayer
  Light a candle, Say a Prayer

The season of darkness is almost here,

Remember the dead and loved ones passed,

With their spirit you will find the path.
Photography Prompt at the Lens subgroup, take a peek how to play here
Light a Candle Say a Prayer

  The Waterbearer - how to quieten the voices of criticism ?
  an introspective art prompt at the Soulwhispers are invited to share an expression or 're-presentation' of your reflections, thoughts or discoveries in a medium or format of your choice. Perhaps a sketch, poem, collage, painting, story, journal, photograph, doodles or simply your presence... as the Spirit/Muse inspires YOU! take a look here
The Waterbearer Reflection & Prompt
  The Rainmaker- a Contemplative Journey
  ~ Contemplate the story of the Rainmaker at the Soulwhispers subgroup ~ Contemplate your own definition of personal balance and how it would affect your environment

~ create a sketch, poem, story or art journal page of your reflections
to participate, peek here
The Rainmaker Prompt

  Adventures in Bookmaking
  One of our ideas is to have a monthly prompt to make a certain type of book or bookmaking process. This monthly project could be along the lines of a theme for the month. The project could also result in a swap - similar to some of the recent one in the Swap group - where you send your book to the name before you on a sign up list. So many other things can evolve from this group. Perhaps members can do guest appearances with a video on a technique or point out a video available for us all to try. We certainly can have a gallery space to show off our books and journals.

What I would like to know first is how many of us are out there and eager to start this type of

exchange of info, techniques. Would you like to sign up for this new adventure? Is so please

sign in with your name and 2 suggestions of a project or type of bookmaking techniques you want to learn or teach us.
Find out more here
Adventures in Bookmaking


Every month I pick some inspirational artists that I come across in my travels, both literally and on the web. I introduce some of thier artworks from mixed medi, to sculptors, photographers , painters and multimedia artists .. here this months pick ..
Andrea Benson- Encaustic Artist
a unique look at theis artists work including a video tour of her process creating encaustic paintings ..
Sergio Cerchi - Painter
Ann Bridges - Painter , Printmaker
Irma Gruenholz - Clay Illustration
London street Graffity
taken on my latest walk through London
Follow MY BLOG - Milliande Artist Spotlight BLOG
Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art

Native Tongue - Members with Non- English Languages

I have opened a forum space for members whose native language is not english .. to help facilitate space for artists who like to communicate in thier own language and help each other out with navigating our site :-) , create local projects, meetups etc ...
here the language forums I have created so far

Welcoming German Speakers

Welcoming Spanish Speakers

Welcoming French Speakers

Welcoming Dutch Speakers

Welcoming Portugese Speakers NEW

The Native Tongue Forums can be accessed from the Navigation Bar in our Community here

Website Art Community for Women Ning Milliande

On order for this to work out , I will ask for volunteers who would be happy to oversee their language forum as I do not speak many foreigh languages and need some help facilitating this communal space .. please message me if you are interested in supporting this venture ..

There is also an International Members Suggestion Box .. for adding new languages, suggesting projects and ideas that help support this international space in our community
International Suggestion Box

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art

Our Studios on Facebook

Milliande Art Journal Studio

a Facebook Group for the Art Journalers... people are sharing daily art journal pages,
advice on best supplies for art journaling, frugal art material tips and general supportive daily chat between fellow artists... please feel free to join in ...
all welcome ...

Milliande Photography Studio
The Photographers are currently getting to know each other a little better... we are posting pictures of our front doors, our gardens, our favorite corners in our house... some dared to show unmade beds and we are playing with Jans " HAT Tea Party" by digging out our collections ... friendly, supportive photography daily photography chat ... ( it does not matter what camera you have ..any and all are welcome ..if it takes a picture... its photography :-) )

Milliande Raw Sketchbooks STUDIO ..
a facegroup sharing place for raw sketchbooks, preliminary ideas for drawings, architectural studies, daily impressions, designs etc NOT for Art Journals
but sketches in progress etc

Artists Who Love Animals
a facebook group for Artists who love Animals
- do you share about your life with Animal Companions ... do your pets accompany you to your studio ? do you love painting pets ?
What kind of pets do you like.. Felines, Canines or creepy crawlies ?
- Share about wild animal .. Do you feel connected to the free living animals ? do they inspire your art in any way .. Share if you like ..
- all animal lovers welcome here


Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art CONNECT


Newbies feel free to peek at our NEWBIES INTRO .. and I look forward to getting to know you and your ART :-)


Where are your creating ART in this World ? ... Add your name to our Member MAp ..lots of friendships have started this way



Any donation, however small is much appreciated to support the continued running costs
of our community
Thanks for your time AND support
SUPPORT & Add your Donation Twig to the Fire HERE If You Can :-)

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art

Our Weekly Art Community CHAT will be on FRIDAY's ..around 5 pm EST
feel free to come say hi, tell us about your day and your creative adventures

all for now

Milliande Self Portrait photography

have a playful day

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