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Milliande Art New's July Playtime
July 06, 2011
Hi ♥

Summer News
Milliande Art Community for Women

Milliande Womens Circle - Art Community for Creative Women

A very warm welcome to all our new members to continue to find their way to our little creative FIRE ..
and a big hello to all those who have been playing with us creating the unique supportive community that lies at the heart of everything we do ..

firstly I would like to thank each and everyone one you who has taken the time to connect with me ..both financially and with heartfelt words that have been
helping me to get back into my will take a little time for me to process it all emotionally ... so for now I shall just do what I do best ... offer another couple of videos, some fun prompts, a newsletter full with active discussions and creative explorations ...I hope you enjoy

As for help offerings.... I would love to ask a couple of tangible questions

~ Is there someone who could write a background music jingle for my videos , as there are so many copyright issues involving other peoples music I would love to have our own recognisable background music ...I am no musician at all , not one of my strong suits :-) and have tinkered with a little keyboard so far, but if we had some volunteers to help out with that , I would appreciate it :-) would have to be a repeating jingle with a running time of approx 20 min to cover most videos .. can be simple but must be pleasant-ish :-) to listen too when arting alongside it ... ...please feel free to connect with me

~ We also have a couple of openings for firefly helpers.. I envisage each subgroup to have 3 fireflies that can help each other look after the groups creative activities and support for new members. so if that feels like it resonates with you ... please contact me :-)


IMPORTANT TECH NEWS - I have decided to switch the NEWSLETTER to a different host, to avoid the problems we have had with the Ning provider changing their settings often .... I hope this makes it an easier solution for everyone to access community news
Please SUBSCRIBE to our new newsletter here

BEFORE each Newsletter goes out .. the DAY TO DAY NEWS of our community are posted on our Twitter and on Our Community Facebook Fanpage ... so please feel free to follow us there ...

Follow Milliande on TwitterFollow Milliande on Twitter


FACEBOOK - Milliande Art Community FAN PAGE


Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Our Backyard Critters

The Lens Photographers subgroup are holdng a backyard critters prompt --- this is no professional group, just people loving to take pics to get to know each other and their art feel free to upload your phone and digi snaps too as well as prof DSLR shots ...all are welcome:-)
Our Backyard Critters

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Snap Happy Collaborative Collage

Snap Happy Collaborative Collage
Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Inspired by " TEESHA MOORE" Video Art Prompt

Art Prompt inspired by Teesha Moore .. 2 videos of how I played ... in our art prompt subgroup
Inspired by Teesha Moore
Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Blogroll for Art Prompt Subgroup Members
In addition to adding your art prompt pictures to the art gallery beneath each prompt ( to keep them all together for inspiration) many of you also blog about their art promot participations ... we have a BLOGROLL thread so if you play in the art prompt subgroup ..feel free to add your blog here
Blogroll Art Prompt Subgroup

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art

Wabi Sabi Beauty


Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art How to Learn and Incorporate Patterns into Zentangles

How to learn and incorpoarte patterns into zentnagles, picking patterns, meditating on patterns -- ..whats is your process ?
discussion at the Doodlers and Sketchers

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art NEW SUBGROUP -- RAW SKETCHBOOKS

Milliande Raw Sketchbook Studio ..

a place to share the heart and soul of an Artists and Designers Sketchbook .. the ideas, the pencil sketches, the design inspirations , the try outs, the pathways followed, the preliminaries, the moments captured on the run ...

this group is NOT for finished art journal pages... but for RAW SKETCHBOOKS PAGES only

This group

New Discussions in this group

Favorite Sketchbooks

Sketch Everyday Gallery

Preliminary Sketches for Final Artworks

~ if you have a specific artwork in mind is the place to share preliminary sketches, the drawing prep work that works out compositions, placements, figurative aspects etc

~ projects could be for all kinds of artists who make preliminary sketches .. sculptors , dollmakers, printmakers,architects, designers, oil painters, illustrators , woodworkers.. etc

~ A Peek into the Working HEART and SOUL of a Project

What is your inspiration? How did you arrive at the idea? What aspects are you struggling with? What pathways are you following ?

a discussion place for sketches that follow as a preliminary to a final artwork , a chance to peek at another artists process, how different artists go about realising and idea Preliminary Sketches for Final Artworks

This Subgroup also has its on FACEBOOK Raw Sketchbooks STUDIO ..
you can peek here

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Gimp

recommendations for tutorials, how to learn this photo manipulation program
Gimp Photo Manipulation Program

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art

Isnt anything we do really copying ?

Mandy is opening a discussion in the forum on copying .. take a peek here
Isnt Anything Really Copying

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Photoshop Basics

Roberta is offered to teach and answer questions about Photoshop Basics ... feel free to peek here
Photoshop Basics Q & A

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Design Template Websites

a discussion on various sites for downloadable design templates, take a peek here
Design Templates
Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Art Contest
Art contest held by Kimberly ..My first Art contest open for Milliande Members. In the album you will find a b/w sketch. Please copy the image and create an art piece using techniques you have learned. The winner will receive a goodie stash box worth $50.00 to play peek here
Art Contest
Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art


Palma is hosting a fab giveaway .. a handbound Fabriano Paper Journal .. and 2 prints of her artwork ... to be in with a chance to win check out her giveaway here
Palma Art Giveaway

If you have a giveaway you would like to host in our community, please feel free to add it to the " Lucky Ladies" subgroup



You are invited to host your own ART SWAPS -- any theme, any medium at the ART SWAP GROUP .... SWAP guidelines are posted for ATC's but can be adapted to suit all mediums and styles... feel free to open a new discussion with your own SWAPS anytime :-)


NOTE - SWAPS do tend to fill up really quickly ... if you cant find a space in the one you would like to participate in , why not host on of your own .. the more the merrier !!!
Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Unusual Shaped ATC's Swap
Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Mother Earth ATC SWAP
Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art

Journal Page Swap July


Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art ZAPD

Iphone Zapd- for those with access to an iphone, ipod touch or ipad ... Zapd is a neat little app for creating a mini Photography Website for free, you can check out my little iphone photography ZAPD here if you like ... you can download the app from the iphone store is calles ZAPD .. fun

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art Videos

Lots of NEW ART VIDEOS have been posted ...

to see the latest additions take a peek here

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art

Native Tongue - Members with Non- English Languages

I have opened a forum space for members whose native language is not english .. to help facilitate space for artists who like to communicate in thier own language and help each other out with navigating our site :-) , create local projects, meetups etc ...
here the language forums I have created so far

Welcoming German Speakers

Welcoming Spanish Speakers

Welcoming French Speakers

Welcoming Dutch Speakers

Welcoming Portugese Speakers NEW

The Native Tongue Forums can be accessed from the Navigation Bar in our Community here

Website Art Community for Women Ning Milliande

On order for this to work out , I will ask for volunteers who would be happy to oversee their language forum as I do not speak many foreigh languages and need some help facilitating this communal space .. please message me if you are interested in supporting this venture ..

There is also an International Members Suggestion Box .. for adding new languages, suggesting projects and ideas that help support this international space in our community
International Suggestion Box

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art

Our Studios on Facebook

a Facebook Group for the Art Journalers... people are sharing daily art journal pages,
advice on best supplies for art journaling, frugal art material tips and general supportive daily chat between fellow artists... please feel free to join in ...
all welcome ...
Milliande Art Journal Studio here

The Photographers are currently getting to know each other a little better... we are posting pictures of our front doors, our gardens, our favorite corners in our house... some dared to show unmade beds and we are playing with Jans " HAT Tea Party" by digging out our collections ... friendly, supportive photography daily photography chat ... ( it does not matter what camera you have ..any and all are welcome ..if it takes a picture... its photography :-) )
Milliande Photography Studio

a facegroup sharing place for raw sketchbooks, preliminary ideas for drawings, architectural studies, daily impressions, designs etc NOT for Art Journals
but sketches in progress etc
Milliande Raw Sketchbooks STUDIO ..


Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art CONNECT


Newbies feel free to peek at our NEWBIES INTRO .. and I look forward to getting to know you and your ART :-)


Where are your creating ART in this World ? ... Add your name to our Member MAp ..lots of friendships have started this way



Any donation, however small is much appreciated to support the continued running costs
of our community
Thanks for your time AND support
SUPPORT & Add your Donation Twig to the Fire HERE If You Can :-)

Milliande Art Community for Women Mixed Media Art

Our Weekly Art Community CHAT will be on FRIDAY's ..around 5 pm EST
feel free to come say hi, tell us about your day and your creative adventures

all for now

Milliande Seasaw Ride

Life is a Crazy Seesaw Ride

have a playful day

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