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NEWS at Milliande Mixed Media /art Community for Women
January 26, 2010
Hi ♥


.. and a special welcome to all new members to our Art Community , I hope you are all settling in to our creative space

- I have decided to switch the NEWSLETTER to a different host, to avoid the problems we have had with the Ning provider changing their settings often .... I hope this makes it an easier solution for everyone to access community news
Please SUBSCRIBE to our new newsletter here


we are hoping to start hosting a weekly chat here in our community ... we had a successful start last week .. THIS WEEKS CHAT will be FRIDAY , January 29th at 2 pm EST .... The proposed general theme for our Art Chat is " INSPIRATION" .. with your host firefly Julie Simmonds

Julie welcomes ideas for future chats and themes... so please feel free to message her
Here a link to a time converter to help you find the time in your country ... l

*** Art Journal January ~
I can't believe I lasted 25 days.... phew... I am fully and utterly submerged in piles of art journal pages.. we have had more than 150 entries uploaded under the relevant building up a nice little libarey of themed community art journal pages.. yeah .. please feel free to play along and upload yurs..if only you make 1 day ..that would be great too !!! here the latest entries .. sign up to the Art Journalers Subgroup if you want to stay up to date

Art Journaling January 2010 Day 19 ~ Color Patchwork
Art Journaling January 2010 Day 20 ~ PanPastel Butterflies
Art Journaling January 2010 Day 21 ~ Mandalas
Art Journaling Techniques Day 22 ~ Gel Medium Transfers
Art Journaling Techniques Day 23 ~ One Word Text Art
Art Journaling Techniques Day 24 ~ Carved Journal Stamps
Art Journaling Techniques Day 25 ~ Birdcages
all art journal prompts day by day can be accessed here
*** Birth Year ATC Swap
a new swap has been announced .. with a BIRTHYEAR THEME .. think events, fashion, styles, music, film, etc, that occurred during your birthyear! take a peek here Birthyear ATC Swap

*** GUESS a Number
Rachel is hosting a Giveaway in the Lucky Ladies subgroup . take a peek here Guess a number Giveaway
*** Bobbin Lace Videos
Madejas has added some videos about her bobbin lace making, take a peek here if you like Bobbin Lace Videos
*** Who encouraged you with your Art
Who Encouraged you with your Art ?
Rachel is holding a discussion space in the " Chat by the fire" subgroup about remembering who encouraged you with your art ... take a peek here
Who encouraged you with your art ?
*** My World - Our World
The Lens subgroup is hosting a new prompt called "My World - Our World" .. as Julia writes .. We are now such a large and diverse community, brought together by our love of art, that it would be great to have a little peak into each others lives, wherever we live on this inspiring planet.
more details here My World our World

all for now

have a playful day



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