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July ART NEWS at Milliande
July 02, 2010
Hi ♥


.. and a special welcome to all new members to our Art Community I hope you are all settling in to our creative space, feel free to peek at our NEWBIES INTRO .. and I look forward to getting to know you and your ART :-)

Summer is changing the way we walk here in this hemisphere..lots of outdoor play, enjoying time doodling on the beach and playing in the sun ... a different kind of creativity ..I hope you are enjoying the changing season whereever you are in this world

Some of you have asked me where I keep my photography pictures.. there is a blog I keep just for my iphone photography , feel free to take a peek
Milliande and her iphone


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~~~ CHAT ~~~


We have been hosting our community chat sucessfully for a couple of months now seems that most days the chat lasts between 4- 6 lots of people all over the world to " wake up" .. finish work and be able to pop in to say hi :-) ... so feel free to come and add your typing voice to the mix is nice to get to know you all a bit better :-)

THIS WEEKS CHAT will be FRIDAY , April 2nd at 2 pm EST

Here a link to a time converter to help you find the time in your country ...

~~~ Current PROMPTS ~~~

*** International Art Journal Round Robin

15 Themes, 15 Art Journal Artists, 15 Month

This Art Journal Round Robin will start its travel journey on July 1st when the first art journals will be sent on their way . For those of you wish to follow ourjourneys, see the different themes as they develop, share resources and inspiration for the themes take a peek at our Art Journal Round Robin HUB where you can find links to each of the 15 art journal artists themes and art journals
Lots of Artists have posted pictures of their first completed art journal pages for their theme .. comments are invited :-)
International Art Journal Round Robin

I have posted the first 4 Videos of how I made my art journal and created the first pages ... The Theme for my Art Journal is " Connections" , you can see the videos here
Connections Art Journaling Mixed Media Videos

*** Beth Meador Requests
Arrivals of the completed ATC pictures by Beth Meadors have been posted here . If you have received one of her artworks but not have logged it yet, please take a minute to log in with country/state received and a picture of your ATC to complete its journey for Beths records
Beth Meador Blind Girl Artist

Janees has started an Art Journal Promots about Honoring the fluffy ones, take a peek here

Art Journal Prompt - honoring the Fluffy Ones



A new discussions on different ideas for PASTELS in the Mixed Media Hues Subgroup

Discussion about Pastels in the Mixed Media Hues

What triggers your creative juices? Is a colour as you are sorting through your secret stash of goodies? or is it a sound or word if you are listening to music? or is it something from your studio window.
Helen is hosting a new discussion on Textile Art in the Needle Queens
Discussion about Textile Art


Dorothy has started a discussion on Collage Art , paper types and supplies, take a peek here
Discussion on Collage Questions

*** ART Journaling as Therapy

Art Journaling, using imagery that resonates either as collage, painting, making mandalas or simply letting colour reflect moods .. has recently found a niche amongst many women that are looking for an emotional outlet that does not carry any pressures to "succeed" but rather opens up avenues for inner exploration ..
Art Journaling as therapy

*** Alter Glossy Paper

Barbara has started a discussion on altering Glossy Paper for art journaling, take a peek if you like

Altering Glossy Paper for Art Journals

*** Alter Glossy Paper

A new discussion has been started by Ginger Child about Ice cube Tray art .. take a peek here if you like
Ice cube Tray ART


I hold a space where you can ask Mixed Media questions and I will try and answered them from my art point of view ... take a peek here to ASK MILLIANDE .. I will answer the questions i order in which they arrive ..that way none get missed in the bustle of our community pages :-) and can be easily accessed for reference

here are the newly answered Mixed Media Topics are invited to share YOUR experiences too in the comment box that may help to answer the questions even further and from your point of view :-)


Art Stores in London

Art Journal Blanks

Michael Demeng Base Paint

Lift off Gel Medium Transfer

Mixed Media Spray Bottle

Art Journal Prompts 2010

a couple of questions i could not find easy answers too ..any help appreciated

unprimed canvas question



*** Art VIDEOS

Lots of NEW ART VIDEOS posted

~ Contemporary Acrylic and Mixed Media Background Painting ( 3 Part 3 Videos Tutorial)
~ Art Journal with Collage Art Videos
~ Acrylic Mixed Media with Ink Art Video
~ Scrappy Art Journal Layering
~ Recycled Envelope Journals
~ Paper Mache Art Doll Tutorial
All and more found art our Art Community Video Library


Tami is looking ofr doll parts for mixed media art dolls, take a peek here
Doll Parts for Mixed Media Art dolls

~~~ SWAPS ~~~

You are invited to host your own ART SWAPS -- any theme, any medium at the ART SWAP GROUP .... SWAP guidelines are posted for ATC's but can be adapted to suit all mediums and styles... feel free to open a new discussion with your own SWAPS anytime :-)


*** ME and MY MUSE
Theme: Me and My Muse

What inspires your art? If you had a physical muse what would it look like? If you had a playdate with your muse what might you do? My journal is all about the artist's muse. ONGOING, no deadlline

Me and My Muse Art Journal Page Swap


Helen is hosting a Textile Bead Swap in the Needle Queens subgroup, Deadline July 20th, take a peek if you like
Textile Bead swap


Helen is hosting a Textile ATC Swap in the Needle Queens Subgroup, take a peek if you like
Textile ATC swap


*** Art Journal Page SWAP July
Nina is hosting her Journal Page Swap for July,open to all skill levels, due August 10th
take a peek here
Art Journal Page Swap July

*** NATURE and GODDESS Art Dolls

Nina is hosting a Nature and Goddess Art Doll Swap, in the ART SWAP supbgoup in our art community,
deadline Agust 20th , take a peek if you like
Nature and Goddess Art Doll Swap


Sharon is hosting an ATC swap with the theme of Ancient Civilisations, deadline 23rd July, take a peek if you like
Ancient Civilisations ATC Swap


all for now

have a playful day wherever you are :-)



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