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MARCH NEWS at Milliande Mixed Media Art Community for Women
March 08, 2010
Hi ♥

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.. and a special welcome to all new members to our Art Community ,we had 100 new members the week I was away ... what a delight and I am honored that you have chosen to spend some time here in our community space ... :-) makes me happy

I hope you are all settling in to our creative space, feel free to peek at our NEWBIES INTRO .. and I look forward to getting to know you and your ART :-)


IMPORTANT TECH NEWS - I have decided to switch the NEWSLETTER to a different host, to avoid the problems we have had with the Ning provider changing their settings often .... I hope this makes it an easier solution for everyone to access community news
Please SUBSCRIBE to our new newsletter here

~~~ CHAT ~~~


THIS WEEKS CHAT will be FRIDAY , March 12th at 2 pm EST with your host firefly Julie Simmonds

Julie welcomes ideas for future chats and themes... so please feel free to message her
Here a link to a time converter to help you find the time in your country ...


*** OUR KIDS ART Subgroup
milliande art cummunity kids art
A lot of people have asked for a special place in our community to display our Children's and young Kids Art .. so here it is ...
A special Kids Art Gallery .. sub divided into younger kids and older kids .. from toddler to teenage .. mums, grandmas, aunties, sisters , teachers etc are invited to share and participate WITH their kids in this new subgroup

( young girls themselves cannot join our community as per ning guidelines the age limit is 14 -- an adult relation needs to remain responsible for all activities of their kid in our subgroup here please)

Maya will be helping out as " Mini Firefly" for this group,:-) hosting prompts and swaps and is looking forward to sharing her art and seeing other kids art too :-)
take a little peek here

~~~ PROMPTS ~~~



Milliande is hosting a prompt in THE LENS subgroup for photographing " SEPIA SILHOUETTES "
take a peek here if you like

*** KIDS ART PROMPT - " Birds in My Garden"

Maya is hosting an art prompt for KIDS called " Birds in My Garden" the " Art by Our Kids " subgroup
take a peek here if you like


~~~ ART STUFF ~~~



Patricia is asking for a little help and inspiration with storing unmounted rubberstamps...let share our ideas here
*** ANY MIXED MEDIA ARTISTS HERE french speaking ?

Malou ( Claude Anais) is wondering whether there are any french members in our community she could connect with .. read her forum entry here

*** FRUGAL ART SUPPLIES - Polymer Medium

In The frugal Artist subgroup Donna is starting a discussion on frugal polymer medium for glazes ..alternatives to goldens .. take a peek here|


Hannah has started a discussion and " getting to know you" thread in the printmakers subgroup ... she is curious as th " What are the differences between the drawn and the printed mark " that appeal to contemporary printmakers .. take a peek here if you like



I hold a space where you can ask Mixed Media questions and I will try and answered them from my art point of view ...
take a peek here to ASK MILLIANDE ..

I will answer the questions i order in which they arrive ..that way none get missed in the bustle of our community pages :-) and can be easily accessed for reference

*** here are the newly answered Mixed Media Topics are invited to share YOUR experiences too in the comment box that may help to answer the questions even further and from your point of view :-)

*** Mixed Media Collage - Best Gel Medium Transfer?

***Drawing Faces- Online Class Recommendations

*** Best Acrylic Inks in Spray Mister and Aquabrush

*** Copyright on Milliande Printables

*** Creativity- Inspiration for Art Journaling Block




Kunstformen der Natur -- by Ernst Haeckel ... is a beautiful look at the artwork of Ernst Haeckle and his drawings and illustrations of natural elements .. the book is in the public domain in germany and all color plates can be downloaded here .. in various resolutions... the german is written in OLd german ..which looks quite nice as paper text collage sheets too :-)

~~~ SWAPS ~~~


You are invited to host your own ART SWAPS -- any theme, any medium at the ART SWAP GROUP .... SWAP guidelines are posted for ATC's but can be adapted to suit all mediums and styles... feel free to open a new discussion with your own SWAPS anytime :-)


*** 4 x 4 CHUNKY SWAP

Christina is hosting a 4x4 chunky Swap .. Closing DATE April 5th
take a peek here


Nina is hosting an ATC Swap "
Manifesting Kindness", sign up deadline April 5th, send deadline April 25th
take a peek here

Amanda is hosting an ATC Swap with the Theme of " Reduce , Reuse, Recycle" , deadline April 6th
take a peek here

all for now

have a playful day



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