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A Season of Artful Orange at Milliande Mixed Media Art Community for Women
April 27, 2010
Hi ♥


.. and a special welcome to all new members to our Art Community , I hope you are all settling in to our creative space, feel free to peek at our NEWBIES INTRO .. and I look forward to getting to know you and your ART :-)


A Season of Artful Orange

~ We are going to Play with Orange ... embracing Orange in Mixed Media Art, Photography , Art Journaling and everything in between ..
Orange is one of my least favorite colors..I rarely ever use it .. I am tickled to explore something that does not come naturally to me ... will you play with me ?


Ning News

There have been lots of speculations over the New Ning Changes .. no concrete news yet far as I am concerned we are just continuing as usual taking each day as it comes... I have now added a DONATION button on the right hand side of our community page so that people who wish and can are invited to donate towards the running costs of our community ..
A big thanks goes out to all members who have donated into our Community Kitty so far .. on behalf of me and the fireflies I would like to show our appreciating for supporting our Community Space for Creative Women .. Daily we have between 10 -15 new members that find their way here and we are growing together into the supportive environment that makes our community so refreshing ....


" Art to let one's heart do a dance on tiptoes ...knowing that one will reach the height of one's expression ...regardless of the tune playing ... "

:-) ..milliande

IMPORTANT TECH NEWS - I have decided to switch the NEWSLETTER to a different host, to avoid the problems we have had with the Ning provider changing their settings often .... I hope this makes it an easier solution for everyone to access community news
Please SUBSCRIBE to our new newsletter here

~~~ CHAT ~~~


THIS WEEKS CHAT will be FRIDAY , February 26th at 2 pm EST

We are currently looking for members who might be willing to host a chat , maybe on fridays, maybe on a different day/time convinient for a different timezone ... all it means that some person is always present to greet newcomers and facilitate an encouraging athmospere in the chatroom ..
If anyone feels drawn to support us this way ..please send me a message :-)

*** On the Lookout for Fireflies

As our Community keeps on growing ...there are new openings for becoming a Firefly ...
What does a Firefly do ?
~ be a bright light for their particular subgroup and help faciliate group dynamics
~ encourage conversation and supportive interaction
~ keep an eye out that everything runs smoothly and inform Milliande and Letha( Tech help) if necessary
~ create art prompts , challenges and swap if so inspired
~ be part of a team of creative fireflies to discuss the growing of our community

If you feel like that might be something you enjoy and/or drawn to a particular subgroup.. please feel free to contact me :-)
I envisage at least 3 fireflies per subgroup to work together as a team eventually .. :-)

~~~ PROMPTS ~~~

A Season of Artful Orange

A Season of Artful Orange

We are running a Community Wide Prompt Embracing the Color ORANGE in our Art a peek the the subgrouos that are participating in this seasonal prompt

We are running a Forum on inspiring ideas and art resources for this ORANGE SEASON in our community ..please feel free to add your ideas, share resources and come and play ..
A Season of Artful Orange Forum

If yo have inspirational photos and images to share that may inspire others for this promot please feel free to share these in our Collaborative Image Library

Collaborative Image Library ORANGE

Milliande Mixed Media Art Prompt A Season of Artful Orange

Milliande Mixed Media Art Prompt A Season of Artful Orange
Milliande Mixed Media Art Prompt A Season of Artful Orange
Milliande Mixed Media Art Prompt A Season of Artful Orange
Milliande Mixed Media Art Prompt A Season of Artful Orange
Milliande Mixed Media Art Prompt A Season of Artful Orange
Milliande Mixed Media Art Prompt A Season of Artful Orange
    Creating Texture and Color Abstract Art in Orange with the Mixed Media Artists
    Abstract Orange

Milliande Mixed Media Art Prompt A Season of Artful Orange
    Still life with Oranges, Doodle, Sketch or Paint the Still Life with Oranges from the Given Photo
    Still Life with Oranges

Milliande Mixed Media Art Prompt A Season of Artful Orange
    Play with orange ... anyway you like, paint, sculpt, knit, draw, take a photo rule make it orange
    Art with Kids - Orange Art

*** Make a Fabric Art Journal ala Teesha Moore

At the Art Journalers Subgroup

Teesha Moore has taken her unmistakable style and applied it to Fabric Art Journals and they are quite irresistible , take a peek at the art journal tutorials and be inspired to make your own
Teesha Moore Fabric Art Journal Tutorials

*** Whisper Words Prompt

Inspired by the Art Work of our member Anne Marie Jobin, the Art Journalers are hosting a Whisper Words Prompt, take a peek if you like
Whisper Words Art Journal Prompt

*** Women Making Art Shrines
Celebrating Women Artists ..making Shrines ... at the Altered Artisans Subgroup ... to Art take a peek
Women Making Art Shrines

*** Textour 1

The Altered Artists are hosting a TEXTOUR Challenge , Diane is inviting you to playing with Text as a focus point for your art ...take a peek if you like

TEXTOUR 1 Altered Art Prompt

~~~ ART STUFF ~~~

*** Artspace for Complete Beginners

Never Done any Art ? Does the Sheer Volume of Art Supplies overwhelm you ? Not sure which Subgroup to Join here ? Here is a space for complet beginners to ask questions and advice, share your hopes and wishes and tap into our community pool of creative resources ..welcome
Art Space for Complete Beginners

*** Iphoneography

The Lens Subgroup takes a look at arty photography with the iphone, sharing favourite apps and pictures taken .. take a peek if you like
Iphone Photography at the Lens

*** Teabag Mandalas
The Mandala Maidens are taking a look at Terabag Mandalas .and sharing their creations .. take a peek if you like
Teabag Mandalas

*** Polymer Clay Artist Trading Cards

Judy is sharing a tutorial on making Polymer Clay Artist Trading Cards in the Mixed Media Art, take a peek if you like
Polymer Clay Artist Trading Cards

I hold a space where you can ask Mixed Media questions and I will try and answered them from my art point of view ... take a peek here to ASK MILLIANDE .. I will answer the questions i order in which they arrive ..that way none get missed in the bustle of our community pages :-) and can be easily accessed for reference


*** Free Online Art Resources

We have started a Section for Sharing Free online Art Resources, and members are encouraged to share their arty finds.. quite an interesting artful selection has been submitted so far .. take a peek and share
Free Online Art Resources

*** Online Bookbinding Classes

Samantha has started a discussion on recommendations for Online Bookbinding Classes, at the Hinges Subgroup , take a peek if you like
Online Bookbinding Classes

*** Mixed Media Must Haves

We are pooling together to share our absolute Mixed Media Must haves .. take a peek at the submissions so far and add your own if you lik e
Mixed Media Must Haves

~~~ SWAPS ~~~

You are invited to host your own ART SWAPS -- any theme, any medium at the ART SWAP GROUP .... SWAP guidelines are posted for ATC's but can be adapted to suit all mediums and styles... feel free to open a new discussion with your own SWAPS anytime :-)


*** Ladybugs ATC Swap
Rachel is hosting an ATC SWAP --make 3 Original ATC with a ladybug theme
Deadline May 20th
Ladybug Atc Swap

*** Layered Canvas Panel Swap
Deb is hosting a Layered Canvas Panel Swap with a GARDEN theme ...
deadline end of May

Layered Canvas Panel Swap

Rachel is hosting an ATC Swap with the theme of SECRETS ...
Deadline May 30th
Secrets ATC SWAP

all for now have a playful day

Milliande Mixed Media Artist Orange Art Prompt



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