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VAB Creativity Club, Issue Jan08 -- Playing with Rainbows
January 25, 2008

Playing with Rainbows

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Creative Prompts
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Creative Journal Writing Prompts

Imagine sitting under a rainbow colored tree, feeling a whispy breeze tickling your senses , lean back .... and watch ...
Where is this breeze taking you ...........

if you would like to create an art journal you can print these funky trees and add them to your art journal page

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Journaling Workshops

A Sip of Bliss

~ Ever taken a peek at you local starbucks promotional literature
~ New Journaling Workshop Video ~ Creating with What is at Hand

Making Journal Pages with Milliande ~ A Sip of Bliss
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Adult Coloring Pages

The Goddess Within

~ Adult Goddess Art Coloring Pages for Women
~ Release yourself , connect with the source of your creative energy and color your wombspace

Milliande Goddess Coloring Book for Women
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Creativity Street

Creative Pitstop's Snacks

Art Poetry Kit
a little creativity e-book featuring a mini poetry kit

Visual Design Elements Series 1

inspirational visual elements of design

Ticket Collage Paper to Print
print your own scrapbook papers and collage paper backgrounds for art projects, art journaling and creative projects

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Creativity Poems
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more creativity poems

Art Experiments ~ Art Projects
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My Rainbow Heart Art Project

" - when you find your true reflection
In the heart of one alone.

~ Color your true reflection --- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet -

~ Paint the Colours of your Rainbow Heart, that heart deep inside of you that knows how to paint in the most exuberant way ...

~ Pick a palette of rainbow colors and give your heart rainbow wings to fly

~ Paint yourself a rainbow valentine - telling your Creative Heart how much you love it ...

Milliande Free Womens Ezines Member Freebie

Download your favourite Rainbow Heart Template for your Art Project
Remember to enter your member password ... vab

You can choose from spiral hearts , winged hearts and heart frames :-)

Milliande Free Womens Ezines Milliande ArtistEnjoy ... Milliande :-)

Milliande Free Womens Ezines

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