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Milliande Newsletter 1 ::: December 2013 :::
December 02, 2013
Hi ♥

A little update from me to you :-)

Having spent some time working on CAPI over a long contemplative summer I noticed that entries in my sketchbook were starting to feel a little vague, worn , cruising around too many well familiar topics without any really holding my attention. 

I have come to realise that I have entered yet another cycle in my life, they seem to have a 10 year span and I have reached the end of what I have lovingly termed " my Technique Phase " . I have spent the last years honing techniques, learning new skills , exploring gadgets etc and it is now how time to actually delve a little deeper 

My creative brain runs on high power most days , generating immense amount of data, ideas and when I try and focus these in a teaching format of sorts I loose authenticity, loose the ability to depict where I am actually coming from , how I arrived there and all the little nuances in between . 

Art for me is my WAY of MAKING SENSE of the World, I am deeply intrigued  by process, not particularly end-product in art making. 

After 10 years I have arrived here ready to embrace a more personal indepth exploration of my art making, bare the reason for my visual narrative , the drive behind that which causes me to make a creative response. 

To that extend I have started a Thesis Study based on the idea of  transformational research as an art form in and of itself. 

I am calling this project " The Ralire Study " , more details explained on a dedicated blog here

For all CAPI students I have created an Extended Version were all entries are kept together organised into logbook, sketchbook entries and Breath Stay Gallery,  chronologically to allow for continued study if you care to investigate further here the link

I hope this new venture will enable me to share part of my internal artistic dialogue in a visual manner accessible to others.

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