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Milliande Newsletter 1 ::: February 2013 :::
February 07, 2013
Hi ♥

Milliande Womens Circle - Art Community for Creative Women

A very warm welcome to all our new members that continue to find their way to our little creative FIRE ..
and a big hello to all those who have been playing with us creating the unique supportive community that lies at the heart of everything we do ..


CAPI - Create Art Portfolio Ideas Course






NEW Milliande Printables
Our Face Silhouette Collection of Stencil Templates,Face Profiles, Different Sizes for Arts and Crafts Projects, Face Stencils and Face Templates Black and White Silhouettes of Women Face Profiles for all kinds of Arts and Crafts Projects from Mixed Media Masks to Collage Stencil Designs




You are invited to host your own ART SWAPS --any theme, any medium, anything goes ( except nudity as per ning riles) so get creative in our Art SWAPS and ART EXCHANGES subgroups ( we have 2 in case Ning has an outage as happened last year, no difference between the groups)
SWAP Guidelines are posted in the intro ..feel free to opne one anytime and drop me a note on my ning profile page when you have done so so I can promote it :-)



have a playful day

Milliande Photo

...milliande :-)

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