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Milliande Newsletter 1 ::: January 2013 :::
January 07, 2013
Hi ♥

Milliande Womens Circle - Art Community for Creative Women

A very warm welcome to all our new members that continue to find their way to our little creative FIRE ..
and a big hello to all those who have been playing with us creating the unique supportive community that lies at the heart of everything we do ..


We have prominently added our Member Map on the Front Home Page so you can check where our Members come from and find local creative friends.. so go Pin the Member Map

  • Milliande Ning Member Map Capi
    Pin the Member Map
    ::: if you are a Member of CAPI make a note of it on your Member Map so that you can spot who might be near your part of the world ( if you have already pinned the map you can alter your description to include CAPI)


CAPI - Create Art Portfolio Ideas Course

Ning CAPI Group




You are invited to host your own ART SWAPS --any theme, any medium, anything goes ( except nudity as per ning riles) so get creative in our Art SWAPS and ART EXCHANGES subgroups ( we have 2 in case Ning has an outage as happened last year, no difference between the groups)
SWAP Guidelines are posted in the intro ..feel free to opne one anytime and drop me a note on my ning profile page when you have done so so I can promote it :-)






I have opened a forum space for members whose native language is not english .. to help facilitate space for artists who like to communicate in thier own language and help each other out with navigating our site :-) , create local projects, meetups etc ...
here the language forums I have created so far

Our Facebook Web Sites

CAPI - Create Art Portfolio Ideas Course Facebook Group
::: NEW:::
for those who have joined CAPi a support and chat group on facebook, feel free to join CAPI anytime and indeed jump right in at facebook

Milliande Art Journal Studio

a Facebook Group for the Art Journalers... people are sharing daily art journal pages,
advice on best supplies for art journaling, frugal art material tips and general supportive daily chat between fellow artists... please feel free to join in ...
all welcome ...

Milliande Photography Studio
The Photographers are currently getting to know each other a little better... we are posting pictures of our front doors, our gardens, our favorite corners in our house... some dared to show unmade beds and we are playing with Jans " HAT Tea Party" by digging out our collections ... friendly, supportive photography daily photography chat ... ( it does not matter what camera you have ..any and all are welcome ..if it takes a picture... its photography :-) )

Milliande Raw Sketchbooks STUDIO ..
a facegroup sharing place for raw sketchbooks, preliminary ideas for drawings, architectural studies, daily impressions, designs etc NOT for Art Journals
but sketches in progress etc

Artists Who Love Animals
a facebook group for Artists who love Animals
- do you share about your life with Animal Companions ... do your pets accompany you to your studio ? do you love painting pets ?
What kind of pets do you like.. Felines, Canines or creepy crawlies ?
- Share about wild animal .. Do you feel connected to the free living animals ? do they inspire your art in any way .. Share if you like ..
- all animal lovers welcome here

have a playful day

Milliande Photo

...milliande :-)

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