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Milliande Newsletter 2 ::: January 2013 :::
January 15, 2013
Hi ♥

Milliande Womens Circle - Art Community for Creative Women

A very warm welcome to all our new members that continue to find their way to our little creative FIRE ..
and a big hello to all those who have been playing with us creating the unique supportive community that lies at the heart of everything we do ..


We have prominently added our Member Map on the Front Home Page so you can check where our Members come from and find local creative friends.. so go Pin the Member Map

  • Milliande Ning Member Map Capi
    Pin the Member Map
    ::: if you are a Member of CAPI make a note of it on your Member Map so that you can spot who might be near your part of the world ( if you have already pinned the map you can alter your description to include CAPI)


CAPI - Create Art Portfolio Ideas Course

  • If you have not joined already here An Invite to CAPI a complimentary journey with Milliande JOIN IN AT ANYTIME :-)

    CAPI Create Art Portfolio Ideas - Developing & Documenting - a Multimedia Approach to Exploring Themes in Search of a Deeply Personal Artistic Style, How to create with authentic inspiration and steps to design a toolbox that enables artists to translate intention into their artworks

::: WHAT"S NEW @ CAPI :::


Famous Artists at Work


I have gathered some inspirational videos about Famous Artists at work , a little glimpse into the creative environment of some well-known artists ... enjoy

  • VIDEO FOOTAGE :: Famous Artists at Work in their Art Studio at a Peek at Famous Artist Studios Georgia O'Keefe, Eric Carle, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Wassili Kandinski Video Footage
  • Famous Artist At Work in their Art Studio 1



have a playful day

Milliande Photo

...milliande :-)

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