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Milliande's Art Community for Women


" A Womens Circle

~ Facilitating Creative Space for Nurturing Women"

Milliande's Vision for our Art Community for Women

~ For me what is sometimes missing in my life is a place to share with women, just women.

~ There is a primal inborn need in a lot of women, to connect, to nurture each other and to feel like you are able to come, sit by the fire , make art and talk about the beingness of your day.

~ If I call for that need to be met with my inner voice of longing only another feminine voice seems to be able to answer that call

~ Here would like to provide a space for women to be women, in each others company with nothing to prove and nothing to hide .. just being made welcome to explore their individuality to creative art expressions

~ Lets sit around the fire and make art and nurture our
aching souls

Items you may bring to our Art Community

~ A willingness to explore the creative arts viewed throught the eye of your soul whether through paint and canvas, creative writing, art journaling, sculpture or contemplative meditations or music etc

~ Deep respect for the beauty and individuality of each woman who chooses to share her artwork at the Vab Creativity Club Gallery

~ A love of life itself

~ An openess to reclaim your connection with the sacred feminine

~ A knowing that to create is your first and foremost birthright and that by trusting your intuition you will know instinctively what to create and when you do it will be the perfect time, always

How Do I become an Art Community Member?

~ Membership to the Milliande Art Community for Women is
Milliande Creativity Club  Members Only Complimentary
Milliande Creativity Club  Members Only

~ All women are welcome here regardless of where you are from, what race, religion or age, regardless of perceived artistic ability or direction of your love

~ You are welcome to join us here

Milliande Art Community for Women

before joining please check our community guidelines

Creative Playtime for Women ~
I look forward to welcoming you in our Women's circle ...

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