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Moment Mandalas


" Words and Imagery to Inspire - Books are my Soul Food "

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Words that ovveride the Mandala Making

" I dont have time to draw a Mandala .."

" I am overwhelmed by the Possibilities of what my Mandala wants to capture..."

" I dont know where to Start on Making a Mandala"

" I would like to focus my Mandala Making ..."

Take a single moment in time .... just after you woke up , just before you retire to be, in between cooking or doing chores, after meditation or any other moment in between ... and capture it in a "Moment Mandala"

Here is how ....


Art and Imagery Explorations with Milliande
Creating Moment Mandalas

How to Create a Moment Mandala

~ set the intention of being ready to "conceive" a moment mandala

for me this comes naturally, I usually feel when I like to capture something "NOW" and make sure I have always got at least a pencil, art jounral and some coloring in reach whereever I am

~ Create a circle shape that will contain your mandala
For my Moment Mandala MakingI usually look around at whatever happens to be handy that is circular and would provide a surround for my mandala making. The "unplanned" mood of using whatever is to hand helps me to stay in the Moment .. The Mandala Art below was created by drawing around a reel of fishing line my husband had left on the desk

~ Start focussing and looking within
A moment Mandala captures the moment you are creating it in -- what moves through your consciousness -- what images are waiting to be noticed by you ---- open your heart and let the imagery arise into your awareness -- -- see as to what symbol or form may come "to mind" that will capture the moment your are in
-- Thy not to judge its relevance at this stage...simple let the symbology find form withing your mandala circle

~ Limit your Mandala to one Moment

The temptation lies within the wish to elaborate, to fill out empty spaces to "make it right" ... to add just a little here--a little there .... this will move you away from this moment and into another moment
Try and capture just one moment --and if you feel drawn to continue simple draw another mandala circle

Painting Mandalas Tip:

~ It might help to limit your colors as well really capture the essence of form
~ or stick with just colors and no detail to capture the essence of color of the moment

Milliande's Moment Mandalas

Moment Mandalas Many Hands Touch the Soul of ONE

Many Hands Touch the Soul of ONE

Moment Mandalas I am All That

I am All That


Moment Mandala Unknow Thyself

Unknow Thyself


Connection with your mandala

~ After the Creation of your Mandala Art take a little time to immerse yourself into the imagery contained within this sacred circle

~ See whether the images inform you of the essence of the moment captured, you might find some words popping into your head or you may wish to "ask" the mandala a question

Ask the Mandala

What is your name ?

What essence of this moment do you capture?

What do you offer to teach me?

How can I honor you ?


Here is an example for my Moment Mandala Art

Moment Mandalas Many Hands Touch the Soul of ONE

What is your name:

Many Hands Touch the Soul of ONE

What essence of this moment do you capture?

I capture the knowing that we are all one
I capture the hands of the many that form the image of the all

I capture the womb of creation

What do you offer to teach me?

I offer to remind you of your openeness to receive

How can I honor you ?

By being willing and taking the time to be touched by those that are offering to touch your heart


If you would like to connect with other creative women artists and play at the you the Milliande Creativity Club then you are welcome to join us ...

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