Mysteries of the Melissae Sacred Geometry and the Honey Bee

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Mysteries of the Melissae
Sacred Geometry and the Bee


" Going Deeper - Leaving the Surface and Exploring Through Art"

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~ When I went to Egypt in Spring 2008 Ihad an amzaing expereince of meeting "The Bee"

~ During several meditations I received Bee Visuals, Imagery surrounding winged beetles and honey bees

~ During a temple visit and meditation inside the Sakkara Step Pyramid I was given an etheric bee necklace

~ Trying to capture its essence which I went on to draw to it in my altered book art journal I had taken on this journey .....

~ Now several month later ..I have absorbed and integrated a lot of the energies from my egypt jourrey and am ready to delve deeper into the mysteries the Honey Bees are revealing to me ...

~ it is a fascinating journey -- you are welcome to wander beside me for a while


... Milliande

Sacred Geometry and Art

Mysteries of the Melissae -
The Bee as a Power Animal or Totem Animals in Art

~ I came across the fascinating book called "Sacred Geometry - Philosophy and Practice by Robert Lawlor when researching sacred geometry and the honey bee.

~My Math does not stretch as far as understanding the deeper mathematical relations of square roots --however the metaphor and archetypes found in the "Root" strike a cord

~ On Page 3 of his book is an art diagram of the Form and proportions of the Honeybee - relating to the Root of 2

Sacred Geometry and the Honey Bee - Mysteries of the Melissae

~ "Exerpt page 31
"Sacred Geometry - Philosophy and Practice"

"The Root of a Plant, like the mathematical root, is causative, the former being embedded in the earth, the latter embedded in the square. The visible growth of a plant , its proliferation into specificity, depends upon the root for stability and nutrition. The Plant root nourishes because it is able to break down ( divide) the fixed, dense mineral constituents of the soil

In the vital sense the geometric root is an archetypal expression of the assimilative , generating, transformative function which is root. Like the vegetal root, the root of 2 contains the power of nature which destroys in order to progress ( it severs the initial square) and it also contains the power which instantaneoulsy transforms 1 into 2 .."

This book contains amazing insigts and Art Illustrations on the Theme of Sacred Geometry, you can take a peek at it below


Robert Lawlor - Sacred Geometry Philosophy And Practice (1982) -

Thames Hudson geometry PHILOSOPHY A N D PRACTICE with 202 illustrations and diagrams, 56 in two colours Thames Hudson For R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz and Lucie L r n y This book originated in a series of seminars held in New York City for the Lindisfarne Association, Crestone, Colorado. Diagrams by Melvyn Bernstein,

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