Picture Prompts Doorways 2

Picture Prompts Doorways 2



" Visual Photograph Writing Prompts for Creative Writing Exercises"

Milliande Visionary Art Bus - Photograph Writing Prompts

~ It says a picture says more than a thousand words... but a picture also can inspire more than a thousand words..

~ a Photo Prompt it can take each viewer on a journey of their own

~ afterviewing and letting the image of the photograph prompt sink you might be inspired and see a short story emerge, feel a poem beginning to take shape or get creative with a paintbrush

~ I love the way photos invoke different emotions in different people and here I will show some photos I have taken that might get you inspired too

~ First I will show the photos on their own, then i will show some thumbnails with creative writing prompts for a different creative writing exercise ... lets go play with words and pictures...

~ Enjoy

.... Milliande

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Creative Writing Prompts Photo Prompts
Picture Prompts Doorways 2


Let the picture take you on a journey, what emotions do you feel, where is the picture inviting you to explore ?

Creative Writing Prompts Photo Prompts


Creative Writing Prompts - Picture Prompts

Creative Writing Exercises- Writing from Prompts

~ let your creativity be sparked, take a look at these photos, read the questions and let inspiration take you on a creative writing journey

  • Who lives behind this hidden door?
  • what do the flowers smell like?
  • Can you hear the noise of an animal ?
  • What do you smell cooking on the stove?
  • Who opens the door when you whistle?

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