Picture Prompts Windows 2

Picture Prompts Windows 2



" Visual Photograph Writing Prompts for Creative Writing Exercises"

Milliande Visionary Art Bus - Photograph Writing Prompts

~ It says a picture says more than a thousand words... but a picture also can inspire more than a thousand words..

~ a Photo Prompt it can take each viewer on a journey of their own

~ afterviewing and letting the image of the photograph prompt sink you might be inspired and see a short story emerge, feel a poem beginning to take shape or get creative with a paintbrush

~ I love the way photos invoke different emotions in different people and here I will show some photos I have taken that might get you inspired too

~ First I will show the photos on their own, then i will show some thumbnails with creative writing prompts for a different creative writing exercise ... lets go play with words and pictures...

~ Enjoy

.... Milliande

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Creative Writing Prompts Photo Prompts
Picture Prompts Windows 2


Let the picture take you on a journey, what emotions do you feel, where is the picture inviting you to explore ?

Picture Prompts Windows 2

Creative Writing Prompts Photo Prompts


Creative Writing Prompts - Picture Prompt

Creative Writing Exercises- Writing from Prompts

~ let your creativity be sparked, take a look at these photos, read the questions and let inspiration take you on a creative writing journey

Picture Prompts Windows 2
  • I open these bright red window shutters every day to let the sunlight shine into the room .. I am ...

  • You look at this window, you see the perfectly painted window shutters and an immaculate black window frame and inside you see the beautiful bird cage haning from the ceiling ,.. who hides inside this wonderous golden cage ..

  • The gardener comes on thursdays to ...

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